What is the Full Form of ODI? 

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The full form of ODI in cricket is One Day International. It refers to a type of cricket match played between two teams that consist of limited overs. Moreover, as the name implies, these cricket matches are played in one day with generally 50 overs. These matches include an intricate blend of different techniques and skills. Interestingly, the ICC Cricket World Cup is held in this format once every four years. 

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Is the ODI the Same as the T20?

It is common for cricket enthusiasts to get confused between ODI and T20. For the unaware, T20 Cricket refers to a shortened version of a One Day International. In this particular type of cricket match, each team gets a single innings to bat and bowl for over 20 overs. The adrenaline rush encourages players to go for big shots and score sixes and fours. 

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Is there a Time Limit in ODI?

In One Day Games, an innings is 50 overs long. This round is expected to be completed in 210 minutes (3 and a half hours). In test matches, there are no more restrictions. The batting team can bat as long as all their players are out or declare an innings.

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