Who Started Dandi March?

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Who Started Dandi March?

Dandi March was also known as the Salt Satyagraha. It was a nonviolent protest against the British salt monopoly and taxation on salt that was led by Mahatma Gandhi. Led by a charismatic leader, this peaceful protest sparked a wave of civil disobedience that ultimately led to India’s freedom. But who exactly started the Dandi March? Let’s dive into the details and uncover the answer to the question, and get to know together.

Mahatma Gandhi: The Pioneer of Dandi March

Mahatma Gandhi, often referred to as the Father of the Nation in India, initiated the Dandi March on March 12, 1930. 

  • Gandhi, with a group of seventy-eight followers, embarked on a 240-mile journey from Sabarmati Ashram to the coastal village of Dandi in Gujarat to make salt from seawater in defiance of the salt tax.
  • In 1930, the British government in India imposed a heavy tax on salt, an essential commodity for the Indian population. 
  • Gandhi saw this as an opportunity to mobilize the masses and protest against British colonial rule.
  • The march lasted for 24 days, with thousands of people joining along the way to show their support for the cause.

The Dandi March captured the attention of the world and inspired millions of Indians to join the fight for independence. The Dandi March culminated in the historic breaking of the British salt laws by Gandhi on April 6, 1930, at the seashore in Dandi. 

The Motivation Behind the Dandi March

The main objective of the Dandi March was to protest against the British-imposed salt tax, which heavily burdened the Indian population, especially the poor. Gandhi believed that salt was a basic necessity of life and should not be taxed by the British rulers. The march aimed to challenge the salt laws and to inspire a nationwide movement of nonviolent resistance against British oppression.

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