What is the Full Form of IDK?

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IDK Full Form

The Full Form of IDK is I Don’t Know. IDK is the go-to acronym when you find yourself in a perplexing situation or simply lack information. Additionally, now embraced by netizens and text-savvy people, IDK adds a touch of humor to the uncertainty of not having an answer. What is better than typing 3 letters rather than typing out 3 words? 

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What is the Meaning of IDK?

IDK is a shorthand expression conveying a lack of knowledge or information about a particular subject. Moreover, IDK is a casual way to admit that you are in the dark, hence making it a common response in both digital as well as real-world conversations.

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What is an Example of IDK?

Let us imagine your friend asking you about the capital of a lesser-known country, such as Tuvalu, and you respond with a shrug, saying, “IDK, I’m not a geography whiz!” In this scenario, IDK is the perfect acronym to admit your lack of knowledge in a lighthearted manner.

Fun Fact! The Capital of Tuvalu is Funafuti. It is a country in Oceania and one of the smallest countries on the globe.  

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