When Was The First Round Table Conference Held?

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when was the first round table conference held

The First Round Table Conference was held on 12th November 1930 in London, England. It was a significant event in Indian history during the period of British rule. The conference was held in three stages from 1930 to 1931. The Simon Commission, set up in 1927 to review the constitutional structure of India, had faced severe opposition from Indian political parties due to the absence of Indian representation. In response to demands for constitutional reforms and Indian representation in decision-making, the British government decided to hold the Round Table Conferences. Let’s know more about when was the first round table conference held.

Dates and Participants

  • The First Round Table Conference took place from November 12, 1930, to January 19, 1931.
  • The first session was held on 12th November 1930 to 19th December 1930, the INC boycotted this session
  • Again, the second meeting was held from January 7th, 1931 to January 19th, 1931, the Gandhi-Irwin Pact was signed in this session.
  • Later, a third session was held from 17 November 1931 to 24th December 1931. This session further paved the way for India’s national movements.
  • Participants included representatives from different political parties and communities in India, such as the Indian National Congress, Muslim League, and other princely states.

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In conclusion, the First Round Table Conference held in 1930 was a milestone in India’s journey towards independence and self-governance. It provided a platform for diverse voices to be heard and set the stage for future constitutional reforms in the country.

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