What is the Full Form of AFAIK?

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afaik full form

The full form of AFAIK is As Far as I know. It is used in general conversation, especially in this modern era of texting. This acronym is used to convey uncertainty about something that is asked of you and you know about the answer to a certain limit. AFAIK is used in online chatting on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Read this article to more about the full form of AFAIK and some examples of how to use AFAIK in sentences!

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Meaning of AFAIK

AFAIK means “ As Far as I know”. It is used when you believe that something is true but you are not fully certain about it. It suggests that the person has limited knowledge about a specific topic.

AFAIK is mostly used in chats, emails, and informal messages. Sometimes it could also be used in a formal context depending on the situation and the bond you share with your colleagues. 

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AFAIK Full Form: How to Use?

  1. Did the match get postponed due to the bad weather? – AFAIK it’s still on.
  1. Do you have to go for the night duty on Sunday also? AFAIK no, but they might call me in case of emergency.
  2. Is it a public holiday on Rakshbandhan? AFAIK no, it counts under optional holidays.

Other Full Forms Used in Chats

  1. AFAIC- As Far as I’m concerned.
  2. AFK- Away From Keyboard.
  3. BTDT- Been There Done That.
  4. BTW– By The Way.
  5. IDK– I Don’t Know.
  6. FYI– For Your Information
  7. IMO- In My Opinion
  8. IMHO– In My Humble Opinion.
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