What is the Full Form of HTTP in Computer? 

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The full form of HTTP in computer is HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is a popular application protocol that is used to transfer files, images, videos, and other multimedia on the World Wide Web (WWW). Moreover, it is a request-response protocol which means that a client (web browser) sends a request to the server (webserver) for a file and the server responds by sending the file back to the client. 

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How does HTTP Work?

  • Whenever we want to open any website, we open the browser and type the URL such as www.xyc.com. 
  • The URL of your website is now sent to the Domain Name Server (DNS).
  • The DNS checks records of the URL in its database and then returns the IP address to the web browser corresponding to the URL. 
  • Finally, the browser is now able to send requests to the server. 
  • Once the server sends the requested data to the client, the connection will be closed.  

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What is an HTTP Request? 

In simple words, an HTTP request is a message that a client (web browser) sends to a server (webserver) to request a resource. It is made up of three components:

  • Request line: This component specifies the HTTP version, request resource, and method. 
  • Headers: Headers in an HTTP request provide details about the data type the client is requesting or sending. 
  • Message body: As the name suggests, this component contains the data that the client is sending to the server (if any). 

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