What is the Full Form of ISBN?

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ISBN full form

The full form of ISBN is International Standard Book Number. If you love reading books or are involved in buying and selling books regularly then, you must have noticed a unique number on every book. It is generally called the ISBN which is a 13-digit unique number assigned to the published books that distinguish it from other books. Here in this article, we have provided complete details about ISBN full form and associated details!

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What is an ISBN Number? 

International Standard Book Number is the standard unique book identification number. Initially, it was a 10-digit number used to identify the book. However, since 1 January 2007, it became a 13-digit number which is required on every book that is put for sale. 

ISBN number is used by Book Publishers, distributors, libraries, and internet Booksellers for listing, inventory control purposes, and sale records. The ISBN is composed of 5 elements:

  1. Three-digit prefix element that starts with 978 and 979.
  2. Registration group elements from 1 to 5.
  3. The registrant element can be of 7 digits.
  4. Publication element: it helps us identify the book title and publication element of up to 6 digits.
  5. Single digit i.e. check digit

The ISBN number is printed on the back cover near the barcode. Sometimes, it is also printed on the copyright page. 

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Raja Ram Mohan Roy Agency for ISBN 

In India, the ISBN registration agency, Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency allots the ISBN which is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Education, Division, Department of Higher Education. It is provided free of cost and all the necessary information required for the registration is provided by the Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency. The publisher can contact the country’s national ISBN agency and apply for the ISBN number.

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