What is the Full Form of VIVA?

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The full form of VIVA is  Viva Voce, a Latin term that means “with the living voice.” It is an oral examination or interview that is conducted to assess a student’s knowledge and understanding of a subject, usually as part of a degree program or other academic qualification. Vivas are also commonly used in job interviews or in other settings where an individual’s verbal communication skills and ability to think on their feet are important.

What happens in a Viva?

The format of a viva can vary depending on the subject and the institution, but they typically involves the student being asked a series of questions by one or more examiners. The questions may be based on the student’s dissertation, thesis, or other coursework, or they may be more general questions about the subject area. The examiners will assess the student’s knowledge, understanding, and ability to communicate their ideas clearly and concisely.

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Examples of Vivas

Here are some examples of vivas that are commonly conducted:

  • Ph.D. thesis defense viva: This viva is conducted to assess the student’s understanding of their research and their ability to defend their thesis.
  • Master’s dissertation viva: It is similar to the Ph.D. thesis defense viva, but it is less extensive.
  • Undergraduate final year viva: To assess the student’s overall knowledge and understanding of their subject area, this viva is conducted.
  • Job interview viva: This viva is conducted to assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills, as well as their fit for the role.

Vivas can be a nerve-wracking experience, but they are also an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of your subject area. By giving a perfect self-introduction, you can excel in many interviews.

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