What is the Full Form of PCRA?

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The full form of PCRA is the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA). This non-profit organization was set up under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India. The primary aim of PCRA is to promote fuel conservation throughout the country. For this, the organization conducts extensive research and development that aims to improve the overall efficiency of petroleum products. 

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Why was PCRA Established?

PCRA or the Petroleum Conservation Research Association was established in the year 1978. During the period of its inception, India significantly relied on imported petroleum products. Additionally, the country’s growing energy demands posed more challenges to its foreign exchange reserves. 

Accordingly, PCRA was established considering multifaceted objectives such as:

  • Take initiatives to reduce the company’s dependence on imported petroleum products.
  • Take measures to increase the efficient use of petroleum products.
  • Motivate citizens to make use of alternative fuels and energy sources.
  • Collaborate with international organizations to exchange knowledge on fuel conservation.
  • Create awareness about the importance of fuel conservation. 

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Internal Structure of PCRA

PCRA has a number of committees and sub-committees to look over specific areas of work. Here is an overview of the internal structure of PCRA:

Governing Council

  • The Governing Council is the highest PCRA decision-making body. 
  • It is responsible for drafting the policies of the organization.
  • The Council consists of numerous representatives from different government departments.

Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee of PCRA is responsible for implementing the formulated policies and other initiatives.
  • This Committee consists of senior officials from the Ministry of Petroleum, Natural Gas, and PCRA. 
  • It also includes members from other industries. 

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