What is the Full Form of PVT?

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full form of PVT

The full form of PVT is Private Limited. In contrast to a publicly traded corporation, a private limited company is any corporate entity with “private” ownership that is utilised in many countries, with subtle variations from country to country. Private companies limited by shares in the United Kingdom, limited liability companies (LLC) in the United States, GmbH in Germany and Austria, société à responsabilité limitée in France, and Sociedad de responsabilidad limitada in the Spanish-speaking world are all examples. A private limited corporation provides the benefit of restricted liability. However, because they can only sell shares to firm shareholders, liquidating a corporation of this type may be difficult.

Procedures Followed in India to Form a Pvt Ltd Company

  • Form SPICE+ INC-32
  • Proof of each partner’s residential address, as attested by themselves (Electricity bill, most recent bank statement, cell phone bill) (not older than 2 months).
  • All Directors’ IDs (driver’s license, voter ID, passport)
  • Take DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).
  • Documents required for establishing private limited companies which are TAN and PAN applications.
  • Electricity statement or equivalent utility bill for the address evidence of Registered Office
  • A picture of each Director.
  • PAN Card listing all of the Directors
  • Apply for name availability by obtaining a DIN (Director Identification Number).
  • AOA and MOA

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