Table of Difference between Adjournment and Prorogation 

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Difference between Adjournment and Prorogation

The Indian Constitution gives Constitutional Provisions of Adjournment and Prorogation. Adjournment is a temporary pause in a single sitting of the House, while Prorogation represents a more formal ending of an entire Session. This distinction determines the power to enact them, the duration of the break, and the impact on ongoing parliamentary business. One must remember that Adjounment and Adjounmnet Motion are two different devices used in the Parliament. This blog also includes the difference between Adjournment and Prorogation in a tabular form! 

Difference between Adjournment and Prorogation

Furthermore, here is a detailed difference between both: 

Difference between Adjournment and Prorogation
FeatureAdjournment Prorogation
DefinitionTemporary suspension of proceedings within a Session.The Formal end of a Session of the Parliament.
InitiationDone by the Presiding Officer of the House (Speaker).Done by the President of India on the advice of the Prime Minister of India.
PurposeAllows for a short break during a session’s proceedings.Marks the end of a session, hence leading to a new session.
DurationShort-term, ranging from a few minutes to days.Long-term, until a new Session is convened.
Effect on BusinessBusiness resumes after the Adjournment period.All pending bills lapse and the new Session starts fresh.
Legislative BusinessCan be resumed from where it was left off.Bills that have not been passed are reintroduced.
Role of the PresidentNot involved; Adjournment is within the House’s control.Gives formal approval for Prorogation based on advice.
FrequencyCommon during a Session, can happen multiple times.Usually occurs at the end of a Session or between them.
ExamplesLunch Adjournment, day’s Adjournment, etc.End of a Budget Session, Monsoon Session, etc.
Difference between Adjournment and Prorogation

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