What is the Full Form of TDS?

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TDS full form

TDS full form is Tax Deduction at Source. It is a direct taxation system that was introduced to deduct taxes at the income source. This tax is collected at the time of payout itself. According to this idea, when a person (referred to as the deductor) is required to make a payment of a specific nature to another person (referred to as the deductee), they must deduct the applicable tax amount from the payment and send it to the Central Government’s account. The deductee, whose income has been subject to tax deduction at the source, can claim the credit for the deducted amount by referring to either Form 26AS or the TDS certificate issued by the deductor.

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How to Pay TDS?

The tax amount deducted or collected at the source must be deposited to the Central Government’s credit using the following methods:

  • Electronic mode: E-Payment is compulsory for:

           a) All corporate assessments, and

           b) All assesses (except companies) to whom the provisions of section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961 apply.

  • Physical Mode: By submitting Challan 281 at an authorised bank branch.

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What are TDS Rates?

The Indian Tax System includes approximately 20 to 25 sections that regulate various kinds of payments subject to Tax Deducted at Source. Below are some common types of payments that require TDS, along with the relevant sections and applicable TDS rates.

Here are key sections and TDS rates:

SectionRatePayment Time
Section 192No fixed rate (Average rate is determined on the basis of the existing slab)Income through Salary
Section 19410%Dividend under section 2(22)
Section 194 A10%Income on interests (Except interest on securities)
Section 194 C1% for individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUF); 2% for othersCredit or payment to a resident contractor/sub-contractor
Section 194 D5% for individuals and HUF; 10% for othersCommission from Insurance
Section 194 G10%Lottery ticket sales commission
Section 194 H5%Brokerage or Commission
Section 194 I10% from land, building, and fixtures or furniture; 2% from equipment, machinery, or factoryRental Income
Section 194 IA1%Immovable property transfer (except the transfer of rural land)
Section 194 J10%Fees to a director; Technical fees; Royalty
Section 194 LA10%Acquisition of certain immovable property

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