Top 10 Interesting and Lesser Known Facts About Hanuman

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Facts About Hanuman

Is it just some of you, or do all men wish to become huge and strong like Lord Hanuman? Strength and devotion to Lord Ram is what makes Lord Hanuman unique. This is one of the common stories about the origin of his name that you might have already known or maybe not. As a playful child, Hanuman’s immense appetite led him to mistake the Sun for a giant mango, sending him flying through the sky to snatch it. The world plunged into darkness as he grasped the Sun, prompting Lord Indra to intervene. Indra’s weapon struck Hanuman’s jaw, leaving a permanent mark and giving rise to his name, which translates to “one with a disfigured jaw” or Hanuman. In this article, we will discuss more such facts about Hanuman. 

Facts About Hanuman

There are many facts to know about the Lord Hanuman that people do not already know. 

  1. Upon Lord Rama’s departure to heaven, Hanuman chose to stay on Earth, vowing to protect Rama’s devotees as long as his name is chanted. So if you are a Ram Bhakt or devotee of Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman is protecting you. 
  1. He initially refused entry to Yama, the god of death, when Yama came to claim Lord Rama.
  1. Hanuman and Bhima are brothers as both are sons of the Wind God, Vayu.
  1. We all know that Mata Sita applied sindoor to her hair for Rama’s well-being. So, Lord Hanuman smeared his entire body with it, earning the name Bajrang Bali. Hence you see orange color as the color of Hanuman. 
  1. Hanuman wrote his own version of the Ramayana but upon seeing Valmiki’s version, he humbly destroyed his own.

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  1. To prove the power of Rama’s name, Hanuman was sentenced to death by Rama. However, remained unharmed, proving Rama’s name superior.
  1. Hanuman received various boons from different gods, granting him immense strength, immortality, and protection from various elements.
  1. Only a few people know this fact about Hanuman he was present during the Bhagavad Gita’s recitation by Krishna to Arjuna. 

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  1. Five-Faced Hanuman or Panch-mukhi Hanuman is a form of Hanuman that represents Lord Shiva, Narasimha, Varaha, Garuda, and Hayagriva, symbolizing his immense power and connection to various deities.
  1. He is a master of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical system. In the Ramayana, he revived Lakshmana with the life-giving herb Sanjeevani.
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