What is the Full Form of NCERT?

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ncert full form

The full form of NCERT is the National Council of Educational Research and Training.  It is an independent body that the Indian government established in 1961. NCERT, which has its main office in Delhi, was founded with the goal of raising the quality of school instruction. 

The top academics and scholars in the world are represented by NCERT. The primary goal of NCERT’s formation was to create a uniform educational framework for all students in the country. The vast nation’s cultural diversity was to be encouraged, and education was to be used to foster togetherness.

When was the NCERT Established?

On July 27, 1961, the Ministry of Education, Government of India, established NCERT, or the National Council of Educational Research and Training, with the goal of improving the quality of school education. But as of September 1, 1961, the group began operating formally as a separate entity. 

Formation of NCERT

In order to organise and assist the country’s public education system while highlighting its rich cultural diversity, NCERT was established. The creation of this independent entity involved the merger of seven already-existing governmental entities: 

  • National Institute of Audio-Visual Education (1959)
  • National Institute of Basic Education (1956)
  • Central Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance (1954)
  • Central Institute of Education (1947)
  • Central Bureau of Textbook Research (1954)
  • Directorate of Extension Programmes for Secondary Education (1958)
  • National Fundamental Education Centre (1956)

Objectives of NCERT 

  • To serve as the decision-maker in things pertaining to educational matters in schools.
  • Creating instructional kits, multimedia digital products, newsletters, journals, and model textbooks to compile and publish. 
  • To advance and carry out research in fields linked to schooling.
  • To create training models, audio-visual materials, textbooks, teaching-learning resources, and the National Curriculum Framework.
  • To plan teacher service training and create and spread cutting-edge instructional strategies.

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