What is the Full Form of OBC?

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OBC Full Form

The full form of OBC is Other Backward Classes. OBC reservation is a specific form of reservation that is intended for individuals belonging to the Other Backward Classes category. The concept of reservation in India is a policy that aims to provide opportunities and representation to historically disadvantaged groups in areas such as education, employment, and politics. 

The reservation system in India was introduced through the Indian Constitution in order to address the social and educational backwardness of certain communities. The Constitution of India provides for the reservation of seats in educational institutions, as well as in government jobs, for Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), and OBCs. The percentage of reservations for these categories varies from state to state and is determined by the government.

OBC Reservation in India

In 1992, the Government of India implemented the Mandal Commission recommendations, which included a provision for 27% reservation for OBCs in central government jobs and educational institutions. Since then, the OBC reservation policy has been in place, although the percentage of reservations for OBCs may differ between states.

OBC Reservation in Educational Institutions

The reservation for OBCs in academic institutions typically applies to admissions to colleges, universities, and other higher educational institutions in India. The percentage of seats reserved for OBC candidates is generally set at a specific proportion of the total seats available.

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OBC Reservation in Government Jobs

The reservation for OBCs in government jobs is implemented through a percentage-based quota system. The exact percentage of reservations for OBCs can vary across different states and union territories, as well as for different categories of jobs. The central government and state governments have the authority to determine the specific percentage of reservations for OBCs in their respective jurisdictions.

The reservation policy for OBCs in government jobs is periodically reviewed and revised by the central and state governments to ensure its efficacy and alignment with the evolving social dynamics and needs of the communities.

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