What is the Full Form of ITS? 

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ITS Full Form

The full form of ITS is Indian Trade Service. It refers to a Group A central service for which interested candidates can secure seats by clearing the UPSC civil service examination. In India, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) handles the ITS which was started back in 1977. The DGFT comes under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The primary aim of the ITS is to look after the trade and commerce sector of India. 

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Functions of ITS

The functions of ITS include:

  • Promoting exports
  • Implementing trade policy
  • Negotiating international trade deals and commercial diplomacy
  • Implementing provisions of the Foreign Trade Act, 1992; Safeguard Measures Rules, 2012, Classification of Export and Import Items, 2012, etc.
  • Formulating international trade policy

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Indian Trade Service Grade and Designation

Below we have given a table that offers important information about the grade and designation within this field.

Grade Designation 
Junior Time ScaleAssistant Director-General of Foreign Trade
Senior Time ScaleDeputy Director-General of Foreign Trade/Under-Secretary
Junior Administrave GradeJoint Director General of Foreign Trade/ Deputy Secretary
Selection Grade Joint Director General of Foreign Trade/ Director
Senior Administrative Grade Additional Director General of Foreign Trade/ Development Commissioner, Special Economic Zone/ Trade Advisor
Higher Administrative GradeDirector-General of Foreign Trade/ Senior Development Commissioner, Special Economic Zone

ITS Full Form: Intelligent Transport Systems

The full form of ITS is Intelligent Transport Systems. It is a combination of advanced technologies and communication systems that collectively aim to improve transportation systems by enhancing their overall efficiency, sustainability, and safety. For this, these systems leverage different technologies including sensors, cameras, GPS, etc. 

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