What is the Full Form of ECI?

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ECI full form

The full form of ECI is the Election Commission of India. It is a regulatory body constituted by the Constitution of India. ECI is formed to regulate and conduct elections in the country. Under Article 324, ECI is an independent and impartial functioning body that conducts elections for both Central and State Governments. Sh. Rajiv Kumar is the 25th Election Commissioner of India on 15 May 2022. This blog covers the full form of ECI, what is ECI, its composition, and its objectives!

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What is ECI?

  • ECI is an autonomous constitutional body that is responsible for carrying out the union and state election processes in India. 
  • It was established on 25 January 1950. 
  • Initially, ECI was supervised by the Chief Election Commissioner but now it is regulated by two Election Commissioners. 
  • The Hon’ble President of India appoints the CEC and Election Commissioners for a period of 6 years.
Source: Election Commission of India

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Composition of ECI

  • The Election Commission of India consists of a Chief Election Commissioner who regulates and supervises the election process.
  • The President of India appoints the CEC who is assisted by two Election Commissioners. 
  • The President of India has the power to appoint the regional commissioners also in case of need or emergency after consulting with the Election Commissioners. 
Source: Hindustan Times

Functions of the Election Commission of India (ECI)

Source: Magnet Brains

Here are some powers of the ECI:

  1. ECI controls and oversees the entire electoral process of the Parliament and legislature in every state of India and to the offices of the President and Vice-President.
  2. It decides the election schedule for periodic elections.
  3. ECI makes major decisions regarding the location of polling stations, location of vote counting stations, voter assignment to particular polling stations, arrangements at the polling station, etc.
  4. Issues Electronic Photo Identity Card.
  5. Register the political parties and issue election symbols for their identity.
  6. Set limit of campaign expenditure of candidate. 
  7. Settle disputes.
  8. Look into the doubtful matters so that no one indulges in malpractices during elections.
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