What is the full form of CEC?

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The chief election commissioner is the full form of CEC. The election commissioners in charge of the elections held in their respective regions are implied by the fact that the CEC is the chairman of the Election Commission of India (ECI). The election commission is incredibly important to our democracy in India. The election commission’s primary duty is to make sure that free and fair elections are held across the country. All of these responsibilities fall under the purview of the chief election commissioner. As a result, the chief election commissioner is extremely important during elections.

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Duties of the CEC

The following are the chief election commissioner’s primary duties in India:

  • To monitor the effective performance of the ECI.
  • Make sure there is no caste, geographic, or religious discrimination during voting.
  • transparent methods of election.
  • Check to see if there has been no election-related manipulation or partisanship.
  • The chief election commissioner of India creates a list of all registered and eligible voters in the country to ensure that everyone gets the chance to vote.
  • They also supervise the selection of a candidate who runs for office and the creation of a political party.

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Importance of CEC

The CEC is crucial to the effective management of the ECI and the smooth running of the voting mechanism. The following list highlights some of The Chief Election Commissioner’s significance:

  • Elections are held at the federal, state, and local levels under the control and direction of the election commissioner.
  • If a party disregards the fundamental norms and does not respect internal party democracy or party unity, the chief election commissioner may revoke such party’s recognition.
  • A chief election commissioner upholds professionalism while keeping an eye on the holding of free, credible, transparent, and independent elections.

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