What is Local Self Government? Definition, Functions, Importance 

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The governing structure of India is constituted of three tiers – central, state and local government bodies. However, from these, the local self-government carries out governance at grass-root levels and overlooks local affairs. This governing authority caters to those present at the bottom of the political administration and governance chain. Citizens living in rural areas vote and elect local councils, authorizing them to solve the most pressing issues of their village. Read this blog to know what is local self-government!

Governing Structure

Local Self Governing bodies are present in both urban and rural areas. The governing bodies in rural areas include Panchayat Samitis, Zila Parishad, as well as Gram Panchayats. Amongst these, Zila Parishad stands at the top-most level and is constituted of a Panchayat Samiti. The Panchayat Samitis, also known as block councils, are again constituted of gram panchayats.

The governing bodies in Urban areas include Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, as well as Nagar Panchayats. While a municipal corporation has more than a million population, a population that comes under Municipalities is less than a million.

Functions of Local Self-Government

A Local Self Government body works with a focus on infrastructure development, economic development, and promoting social justice in the local community. Following are some of the important functions of Local Government in India:

  • To create awareness about education, 
  • Develop infrastructure like schools, transport, health facilities, etc.
  • Local Government also promotes agricultural development by means of implementing various Government schemes.
  • They also promote small-scale industries in the rural areas



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