What is the Full Form of DEO?

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The full form of DEO is District Education Officer. A DEO is the only one responsible for offering essential educational services to a community. The State Public Service Commission appoints District Education Officers.

DEOs come under the Grade “B” Gazetted Officers in India. They are recruited by every state across the nation. They also manage all district-level daily operations, including appointment, program implementation and administration, promotion, attendance, and inspection. If you wish to know more about DEO, then continue reading.

Responsibilities of a DEO

A DEO has several responsibilities to fulfil but here are the major responsibilities of a DEO:

  • Visit schools and interact with teachers
  • Monitor academic development at institutions 
  • Promote education and encourage people to study through various campaigns

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Eligibility to Become a DEO

To become a DEO you have to meet the following qualifications:

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an academic institution
  • Must take and pass the State Civil Services Examination
  • Must not be less than 21 years old nor greater than 40 years old at the time of recruitment

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How to Become a DEO?

You must take the following steps to become a DEO:

  • You must be a graduate of a renowned university or institution
  • After graduation, you must apply for the State Civil Services Examination
  • The exam will consist of preliminary, main, and interview. You must pass all three of these
  • Wait for the result and if selected you will be hired by the respective authorities

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Other Full Forms of DEO

  • Diageo
  • Data Entry Operator Job
  • District Education Office
  • Defence Estate Officer
  • District Excise Officer
  • Defence Exhibition Organisation
  • Deputy Executive Officer
  • Direct Entry Officer
  • Department Of Economic Opportunity
  • Design Executive Officer
  • Department of Extranormal Operations
  • District Engineering Office
  • Divisional Enquiry Officer
  • Dynamic External Objects
  • District Election Officer
  • Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule
  • Deputy Election Officer
  • Digital End Office
  • Date Eyes Opened
  • Davao Eagle Online
  • Departmental Executive Officer
  • Defence Estate Optimisation

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