What is BHEL Full Form?

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The full form of BHEL is Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. Established by the government of India in the year 1964, BHEL, or Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is the largest manufacturing and engineering enterprise. The enterprise has a legacy and is a leading manufacturer of power equipment globally. Read our blog if you want to know more about Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. 

What is BHEL?

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited works in sectors like engineering, construction, manufacturing, servicing as well as the evaluation of various products. They do this in key economic sectors like transportation or Railways, water, energy, oil and gas, defense, and transmission. Apart from this, they are also involved in the power plant service.

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History of BHEL

BHEL plays a crucial role in the power and industrial sectors of India. Established in 1964, Heavy Electricals Limited merged with BHEL in the year 1974. After that, BHEL was transformed into a limited public enterprise in the year 1991.

The enterprise was envisioned as a public sector undertaking to meet the burgeoning demand for power equipment in the country. The company has since contributed significantly to the country’s energy landscape and grown into a powerhouse of innovation and technological prowess.

BHEL has been a key player in engineering, designing, and manufacturing a range of power plant equipment. These included turbines, generators, and boilers. Over decades, the company has expanded to diverse sectors such as renewable energy, transportation, and oil & gas. With a rich history of service, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited continues to be a vital player in India’s quest for reliable and sustainable power infrastructure.

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