What is the Full Form of NSSO?

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Full Form of NSSO

The full form of NSSO is the National Sample Survey Office. It is a unique entity in India that carries out surveys on socioeconomic, demographic, agricultural, and industrial subjects while collecting information from homes and businesses in villages and towns. It is the government of India’s primary agency for gathering statistics in fields vital to guiding the country’s future growth. The Ministry of Finance created the National Sample Survey Directorate in 1950. The directorate was moved to the cabinet secretariat in 1957, and in 1970 it was integrated into the National Statistics Service of the Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning. Since 1999, it has been governed by the recently established Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI).

Divisions of NSSO

There are four divisions in the NSSO:

Survey Design and Research Division (SDRD)

Based in Kolkata, the Survey Design and Research Division (SDRD) is in charge of technical survey planning, idea and definition creation, sample design, inquiry schedule design, tabulation plan design, survey analysis and presentation.

Field Operations Division (FOD)

The Field Operations Division (FOD), which has its headquarters in Delhi/Faridabad and a nationwide network of six Zonal Offices, 49 Regional Offices, and 118 Sub-Regional Offices, is in charge of gathering primary data for NSSO surveys.

Data Processing Division (DPD)

Data Processing Division (DPD): The Division is in charge of sample selection, software development, data processing, validation, and tabulation. It has its headquarters in Kolkata and six smaller Data Processing Centres across the nation.

Coordination & Publication Division (CPD)

The work of the numerous divisions of the NSSO is coordinated by the Coordination & Publication Division (CPD), which is situated in New Delhi. It also organizes National Seminars on the results of the NSSO’s numerous socio-economic surveys, publishes the NSSO’s biannual journal, “Sarvekshana,” and publishes the journal.

Objectives of NSSO

Below mentioned are the objectives of NSSO:

  • Providing statistics and other data to meet state and national planning and policy needs
  • To provide statistical methods for statistical data analysis, troubleshooting administrative problems, and predicting future trends
  • To gather and make available information that will be helpful to those engaged in the nation’s economic activities.
  • To provide and assess data that will be useful to those conducting socioeconomic study.

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