10 Psychology Facts About Dreaming of Someone

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We often dream about different things that leave us perplexed with a multitude of questions. Whether you are a young student or an aged person, dreams are naturally occurring scenarios our minds create when we sleep. While some people find it easier to recall the entire dream in one go, others forget as soon as they wake up. But have you ever dreamt about someone you know? It is one of the most commonly occurring dreams. Here are a few psychology facts about dreaming of someone that might help you analyse everything with ease.

10 Interesting Psychology Facts About Dreaming of Someone

1. Dreaming about someone else provides useful insights into our inner thoughts, feelings, and subconscious. 

2. These dreams often tell us what we feel about the other person.

3. Having violent dreams that include shooting or killing someone about a familiar person is common. It might be because of the content you consume right before sleeping. 

4. Having a recurring dream about the same person does not always reflect your obsession. Instead, it might indicate an unresolved issue with them.

psychology facts about dreaming of someone

5. Some people dream about someone they barely know, such as meeting a random stranger at a gas station. This could mean that their brain is still processing the information. 

6. Dreaming about your ex sometimes indicates your unresolved feelings, trauma, and thought process after the breakup. 

7. Some people often dream about their famous personalities. These are random dreams and might indicate the qualities that you admire or your feelings about them such as having a crush.

psychology facts about dreaming of someone

8. Dreaming about your colleagues can have multiple interpretations. You might be best friends or simply cannot stand each other in the office. 

9. Dreaming about the death of someone you know can be an interpretation of your fears. 

10. Some people also have dreams about a recently deceased person. This might mean that they are badly missing the person’s existence in their life. 

psychology facts about dreaming of someone

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