What is the Full Form of AMFI?

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AMFI full form

The full form of AMFI is the Association of Mutual Funds in India. It is a government NPO in India that acts as the main regulator under SEBI. Established in 1995, it promotes the mutual fund industry and works to protect the interests of investors. Moreover, AMFI also ensures that the mutual fund provides all important information like fees, risk profile, and investment objectives to its clients/investors. Read this article to get information about AFMI full form and everything related to it!

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What is AMFI?

  • The Association of Mutual Funds in India was established on 22 August 1995.
  • The primary objective was to formulate and maintain ethics and transparency for investors in the Mutual fund industry.
  • AMFI is the only organization that plays an exceptional role in educating investors about the mutual fund. 
  • This organization makes sure that mutual funds penetrate the Indian financial market. 
  • Despite being one of the best investment options,  various myths restrict the growth of mutual funds.
  • Similarly, only a few people in India invest in mutual funds as it comes with a warning that Mutual funds are subjected to market risk.
  • However, statutory bodies like SEBI and AMFI work tirelessly to inform investors about the positioning, risk,  and profitability of the Mutual fund market.

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What is the Role of AMFI in a Mutual Fund?

The role of AMFI in the mutual fund industry includes:

  • It protects the interests of the investors who invest a major portion in the mutual funds as well as in asset management companies. 
  • This helps maintain transparency so that the investment process can be easily accessible and attract more clients to it. 
  • The Association of Mutual Funds in India plays an important in restoring faith in case of any issue or dispute. It works under the guidance of SEBI. 
  • Consequently, all the advisors, trustees, intermediaries, agents, and representatives must be registered under AMFI through its website to make Mutual Funds more accessible. 
  • Currently, it has 44 registered members and 42 Asset Management Companies registered under SEBI.

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What are the Objectives of AMFI?

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Given below are the main objectives of AMFI:

  • AMFI ensures ethical standards of mutual funds.
  • It supervises the functioning of AMCs and mutual fund agents and ensures that they follow the code of conduct to carry out fair business practices.
  • It works under SEBI so it seeks help from it concerning any issue concerning the mutual funds.
  • It provides timely updates to the mutual fund industry and also carries out research activities with other bodies at regular intervals.
  • It takes action on violation of the code of conduct.
  • Ensures that the distributors operate as per the rules and regulations.
  • It protects the interest of the investors and maintains the integrity of the mutual fund intermediation mechanism. 
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