What is the Full Form of ITAT?

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The Full Form of ITAT is the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. It is a quasi-judicial institution established in January 1941. ITAT specialises in handling appeals under the Direct Taxes Acts, hence providing a final resolution to tax-related disputes. Additionally, appeals to the High Court are only admissible if a substantial question of law arises.

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What are the Powers of ITAT?

Furthermore, the Powers of ITAT are as follows:

  1. Adjudicating Appeals: The ITAT’s core function is to hear and decide appeals against orders from lower authorities like the Assessing Officer or Commissioner of Income Tax. Moreover, its decisions are conclusive unless a significant legal question arises, that warrants an appeal to the High Court.
  2. Independence: Additionally, functioning independently as a quasi-judicial body, the ITAT operates beyond the complexities of legal procedures. This independence ensures a straightforward and accessible platform for resolving tax disputes.
  3. Interpretation of Tax Laws: The ITAT holds the power to interpret and apply provisions of the Income Tax Act, hence it has an important part in resolving disputes and guaranteeing uniformity and fairness in tax law application.
  4. Setting Precedents: ITAT’s final decisions on factual matters create precedents, consequently shaping the landscape of tax jurisprudence in our country.
  5. Revision of Orders: Furthermore, ITAT is empowered to revise its own orders wherein ITAT rectifies mistakes, errors, or omissions to uphold the utmost accuracy and justice for all. 
  6. Summoning and Enforcing Attendance: The ITAT can summon witnesses and demand document production by facilitating the collection of essential information during proceedings.
  7. Contempt Powers: In addition, ITAT can take action against non-compliance or obstruction of justice, thus ensuring compliance with its orders.

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ITAT’s motto ‘Nishpaksh Sulabh Satvar Nyay’ (impartial, easy, and speedy justice), is also renowned for its unique approach to dispensing justice. 

  • ITAT is considered the ‘Mother Tribunal,’ as it sets itself apart as an accessible inexpensive forum that is free from technicalities. 
  • Additionally, ITAT’s success has prompted the establishment of similar appellate tribunals for indirect taxes in India. 
  • Notably, many of its members have ascended to high positions in the judiciary and other vital institutions thus earning commendations from the Law Commission and numerous dignitaries.

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