What is the Full Form of IRS?

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IRS full form

The full form of IRS is Indian Revenue Service. It is also referred to as the administrative revenue service of the Government of India. In India, UPSC conducts a competitive exam for the recruitment of workers in its revenue department. IRS is the Group A central civil service. The workers of the revenue department report to the Union Ministry of Finance Department. IRS collects, manages and oversees the taxes and revenue for the security, development and governance of the country. 

There are two branches of the IRS:

  • IRS (Customs and Central Excise).
  • IRS (Income Tax).

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Objective of IRS

As you get to know the full form of IRS, here are its objective:

The Indian Revenue Service (IRS)’s principal goal is to guarantee the effective and efficient administration and collection of direct and indirect taxes in India. IRS officers endeavor to enforce tax laws, deter tax evasion, and promote taxpayer compliance.

Their goal is to meet the government’s revenue objectives, promote a fair and transparent tax system, and contribute to the nation’s economic growth and development.

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IRS Full Form: Functions

An IRS officer is responsible for maintaining the financial records and stability. He is generally involved in the process of tax collection and compliance. Their function directly affects the Government activities as well as overall development of the nation.

Following are some of the important functions of IRS:

  • Tax assessment and collection
  • Investigation of tax evasion
  • Enforcing tax laws
  • Internal taxation
  • Policy formulation regarding tax
  • Preventive vigilance
  • Administration and supervision
  • Representing the government

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