What is the Full Form of DTP?

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Full Form of DTP

The full form of DTP is Desktop Publishing. It is a printing technology that is used for high-quality printed materials for various organisations, businesses, and private individuals. It can be used to produce both devices and interactive web pages. It allows more control over the feel and look of any page with the word processor frequently chosen as a result. Digital DTP is used to print tangible goods like newspapers, books, comic books for kids and other printed materials. It allows the user to configure the documents to the needs and intended audience.  

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Types of DTP

The full form of DTP is Digital Publishing and the following are the five types of DTP:

  • Graphics for Software
  • Software for Page Layout
  • Website for a Publishing System 
  • Website for Software Editing Image 
  • Word Processing App

Popular DTP

Some of the popular DTP are as follows:

  • Adobe InDesign 
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Microsoft Office Publisher
  • PagePlus
  • Express Publisher
  • Corel Ventura
  • QuarkXPress

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What are the benefits of DTP?

The following are the benefits of DTP:

  • It enables the user to improve the caliber of the page layout by balancing size, contrast, colour and space
  • It allows the user to modify their document as per the needs of a specific sector, target market and a specific mission
  • Users can also outsource the DTP service if they do not wish to own DTP equipment 
  • It also allows users to create documents like resumes, cover letters and portfolios effectively

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