What is the Full Form of NDC?

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NDC full form

The full form of NDC is National Development Council. National Development Council also known as Rashtriya Vikas Parishad is the conducting body for decision-making and deliberations on development matters in India decided and made over by the Prime Minister.

The National Development Council was established on August 6, 1952, with the goals of bolstering and mobilizing national efforts and resources in support of the Plan, promoting common economic policies across all crucial domains, and ensuring the balanced and quick growth of the entire nation.


  • The National Development Council is an important organization in India’s planning system.
  • It represents the federal approach to planning and serves as a tool to ensure that the planning system takes a truly national perspective.
  • The NDC’s fortunes have gone through many ups and downs. Its status has been defined by the current political climate, the assistance offered by the central government, and the efficiency of the demands exerted by state governments.
  • Regardless of the ups and downs it has experienced over the last six decades, its continued presence in the apex policy structure has always been felt.
  • Back in 1946, the Planning Advisory Board, chaired by KC Neogi, advocated the formation of an advisory organization comprised of delegates from provinces, princely states, and other interests. Although this idea was not implemented prior to independence, its logic was highly received.
  • In its early days, the Government of India’s Planning Commission identified the potential utility of such a coordinating organization.

Powers, Function, and Responsibilities

On the recommendations of the Administrative Reforms Commission, the Council was reformed in October 1967, and its functions were redefined to include:

  • Prescription of criteria for the creation of the National Plan, including the evaluation of the Plan’s resources
  • Consideration of the National Plan as developed by the National Development Council; Consideration of significant issues relating to social and economic policies that have an impact on national development.
  • The Plan’s operation will be periodically reviewed, and recommendations will be made for the necessary steps to achieve the goals and objectives, including securing the active participation and cooperation of the populace, enhancing the effectiveness of administrative services, ensuring the fullest development of the less developed regions and segments of society, and accumulating resources for national development through sacrifices that are equally borne by all citizens.

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