What is the Full Form of NAAC? 

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NAAC Full Form

The full form of NAAC is the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. It is an Indian government organization that was established in the year 1994 by the UGC. The purpose of NAAC includes looking over the assessment of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in India and accrediting them. This includes colleges and universities and other recognized institutions. 

Name National Assessment and Accreditation Council
Abbreviation NAAC
Established in1994
Headquarter Bangalore

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History of NAAC

Here is an overview of the history of NAAC:

  • Before the establishment of the NAAC, India was facing concerns regarding the quality of education provided in educational institutions. 
  • To address such rising issues, the National Policy on Education of 1986 (NPE) and the Programme of Action (PoA, 1992) laid out numerous strategies and plans to enhance the education system of India.
  • As a result, the immediate need for an independent National accreditation agency was highlighted which subsequently established the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). 

Is NAAC A ++ Grade Good?

India is a vast country that speaks many languages, follows different religions, and practices diverse customs. Amidst this diversity, it houses numerous esteemed educational institutions. However, a UGC-approved NAAC rating ensures students that the institution offers quality education and facilities. In this way, A+ and A++ grades are considered the best while C and D fall at the bottom line.

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NAAC Composition 

After learning the full form of NAAC, let us now move on the the NAAC composition. 

  • NAAC features a General Council (GC) and an Executive Committee (EC).
  • It comprises educational administrators, policymakers, and academicians from a cross-section of the Indian higher education system.
  • The President of the NAAC General Council is the chairperson of the University Grants Commission. 
  • The Chairperson of the NAAC Executive Committee is nominated by the President of the General Council.  

Total Accreditations by NAAC 

Here is the total number of accreditations by NAAC as of 21/08/2023:

Education institutions Number of accreditations 
Universities 853
Colleges 15890
Total 16743

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