Popular Work From Home Jobs in Mumbai

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Popular Work From Home Jobs in Mumbai

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced the reality of offline becoming online to workplaces, including the entirety of business infrastructure all around the world. India was no stranger to this transitional occurrence. With work from home jobs in India taking precedence over professional on-site establishments, their relevance and importance started taking the front row of India’s industrial economy. Though the pandemic has started to diminish slowly, work from home jobs have not; giving rise to popular work from home jobs in Mumbai, similar to all other places in the world.  So, if you want to know more about work from home jobs in Mumbai and are looking for job roles to the like of the same, continue reading this blog! 

List of Popular Work From Home Jobs in Mumbai

Getting straight to the point, some of the most popular work from home jobs in Mumbai is shared below. 

Customer Care Executive

A customer care executive is a professional who overlooks and manages teams of people responsible for providing the required customer service that is excellent in quality and also meets the needs of people. Further, the customer care executive is also responsible for selecting the staff and following a standardised level of service through all customer interactions. Let’s go through some of the major job roles of a customer care executive in the points below. 

  1. Managing the entire process of customer service 
  2. Creative new and alternative policies and methods related to customer care
  3. Providing training and planning the standardisation of delivery of the selected services 
  4. Maintaining an environment that is cordial and peaceful for the customer care representatives. 
  5. Working to conduct quality assurance feedback and surveys with customers and relaying the same to the team members to enhance customer satisfaction and support.

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A part of the sales department, a Telecaller is a dedicated and hardworking individual who works to utilise the potential of the department as it makes sure to boost the sales of the company. The professional reaches out to existing as well as new customers, handling the entire process of sales over telephone communication. During this process, they are also required to work on solving any kind of questions or confusion raised by the customers regarding the products or services of the company. To make a note of the core responsibilities of a Telecaller, which continues to be one of the most popular work from home jobs in Mumbai, continue reading below. 

  1. Contacting customers of the company, both existing and potential, and explaining the products, existing or newly introduced, to the customers.
  2. Spending time and energy to obtain the required set of data and customer information. 
  3. Understanding the specified needs of the customers. 
  4. Listening attentively to the customers and resolving their queries or questions related to the products of the company. 
  5. Processing the customer orders made on the products. 
  6. Creating and maintaining a database of customers. 

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The role of a teacher is widely understood throughout every demographic, irrespective of age, gender, sex, or creed. While the teacher is someone who is regarded as a professional using professional methods to impart knowledge to the students in a systematic manner and environment, a tutor is someone who personalises their teaching method, outside the boundaries of systematic education. Both roles are highly regarded as most important and significant for students. Given their role their relevance during the pandemic didn’t hamper; adding to the demand for work-from-home teacher or tutor jobs. 

Shared below are some of the most important responsibilities of a teacher/tutor. 

  1. Reviewing the study material surrounding the curriculum of the education board. 
  2. Going through the classroom topics and assignments and working on the same. 
  3. Assisting students with their studies, by providing them with the required materials and further support. 
  4. Initiating test preparation study plans near exam season(s) and working on the drawbacks of the students. 
  5. Collaborate with the students, their parents, and the organisation to enhance the performance of the students. 

Digital Marketing Executive

Establishing a digital connection with larger groups of consumers is essentially one of the main goals of a digital marketing executive. The professionals in the field of digital marketing, with the designation of an executive, are expected to assist and work on the planning, execution and optimisation of online marketing strategies. If you are someone who plans to work as a digital marketing executive from the comfort of your home, then it surely is one of the most popular work from home jobs in Mumbai. Read below to know more about the core responsibilities of a digital marketing executive. 

  1. Formulate strategies regarding the marketing process on a range of digital platforms. 
  2. Monitoring the online social presence of the organisations. 
  3. Participate in SEO activities like keyword research and image optimisation. 
  4. Use web analytics tools such as Google Analytics to analyse digital marketing efforts. 
  5. Work to maintain partnerships with media agencies as well as vendors for the success of digital marketing campaigns. 

Content Writer

The demand for a content writers is prevalent in each and every sector. Content is what drives people’s attention to the company; becoming an asset in the world of sales and marketing. Be it an IT company, an HR company, or an educational institution, each organisation works on their connection(s) with the public. Content helps do that. It is also a professional practice that can easily be conducted from the convenience of one’s home; given the need for no more than a laptop, internet connection, and creative and writing skills to excel at the job. No wonder Content Writer is one of the most popular work from home jobs in Mumbai. 

Some of the most essential job responsibilities include

  1. Creating content for social media platforms, blogs, websites, and more
  2. Being participative in SEO and email marketing
  3. Developing content for advertising campaigns 
  4. Conducting in-depth research to substantiate the content while verifying the same. 
  5. Identifying the needs of the consumers and matching them with new content ideas.

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Salaries of Popular Work From Home Jobs in Mumbai

Now that we have made ourselves privy to the popular work-from jobs in Mumbai with their basic job description as well as core roles and responsibilities, let’s now look at their salaries. 

Name of the JobSalary 
Customer Care ExecutiveINR 2.3 lakh per annum. 
Telecaller INR 1.5 lakh per annum.
Teacher/TutorINR 2 lakh to INR 4 lakh per annum.
Digital Marketing ExecutiveINR 3 lakh per annum. 
Content Writer INR 3 lakh per annum. 

*Note: The aforementioned salary range is indicative of the general salary prospects of the particular jobs, irrespective of work from home or work from office. Depending on the location and the company, the range of work from home jobs in Mumbai may vary.

Recruiters of Work From Home Jobs in Mumbai 

Some of the main recruiters of popular work from home jobs in Mumbai are shared below. 

  1. Uber
  2. Star Hire Services
  3. Kingvision Consultancy
  4. Swiggy
  5. Zomato
  6. Rapido
  7. Tekpillar Sevices Pvt. Ltd
  8. HDFC Life


Q1. Which job is best for work from home?

Ans. Software Engineering jobs are some of the best work from home jobs in general. 

Q2. What is the easiest job to work from home?

Ans. Data entry is one of the easiest jobs to work from home. 

Q3. Which is the best part-time job from home?

Ans. Social Media Coordinator is one of the best part-time jobs from home. 

Now that we have shared all about popular work from home jobs in Mumbai, we hope you received a better idea about careers in India. For more such informative blogs, stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu – your one-stop study abroad solution.

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