Career in Corporate Communication

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Corporate Communication

Communication is the pillar of every organization which helps build its status in the corporate world. Be it a startup or top IT companies around the world, they require a professional way to communicate with their employees, customers, key stakeholders,  media, Government or potential customer. Thus, we can say that all the external and internal interactions sum up to corporate communication. It is an essential element to proficiently carry out the marketing techniques of a firm. Dwelling upon the importance of it, professional executives trained well in this domain are always welcomed by the esteemed organizations. If you want to enter this springing field, here is a blog to help you with some key points to enter the field along with the career scope. 

What is Corporate Communication?

During the journey of overseas education in this course, students will be provided with the training in research techniques. You will also get to learn about the collection, research design, interpretation and analysis of data through which students can critically evaluate their own research. Various theories and concepts under the modules will elaborate on varied strategies and issues in media and communication. Candidates will also get familiar with the creative writing skills which they can press release afterwards. Various course under corporate communication will also impart knowledge regarding how to formulate newsletter, marketing emails, website copies, brochures etc. Major functions of this vocation include: 

  • Customer Marketing & Communication 
  • Crises Communication 
  • Internal Communication
  • Media Handling 
  • Public Relations 

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Required Skills in Corporate Communication

Following are the required skills to make a career in Corporate communication: 

  • Research and Critical Thinking
  • Technical Skills 
  • Writing Skills 
  • Presentation Abilities 
  • Public Speaking Ability 
  • Interpretation of Data 

Eligibility Criteria

To enter the global institutions it is mandatory to fulfil certain entry requisites. Those planning to study abroad must have the usual formal schooling of 10+2. Along with this, students must qualify the language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc. It is advised that the students must have lucrative LORs (Letter Of Recommendation,) and SOP (Statement of Purpose). To pursue a masters level course, clubbed with the aforementioned requisites it is essential to have a bachelors degree in any of the Arts stream subjects or any other related field.  

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Corporate Communication Courses 

Across the globe, there are a lot of promising courses available in this domain. To kick start your career in corporate communications, your ideal step should be to get enrolled under a course which can provide you with intricate knowledge about the organizations as communicators in corporate, governmental and non-governmental sectors. Let us take a look at the various programs available:

Diploma/ Certificate   Bachelors  Masters 
-Certificate in Professional Communication 
-Undergraduate Certificate in Technical and Professional Communications 
-Certificate in Business Communications 
-BA Organizational Communication
-BA in Business Communication
-BA in Organizational Sciences  
-BA in Communication Arts- Organizational Communication 
-BA in Communication Studies 
 -BSc in Communication Studies- Organizational Communication 
-MA Communication Management 
-MA in Organizational Communication
-MS in Organizational Leadership-MA in Communication 
-MSc Strategic Communication 

Top Universities 

One of the most crucial steps towards carving your career is selecting a university which can provide you with a perfect platform to showcase your talent. Thus, one should take this step after researching thoroughly. Leverage Edu has curated an exclusive list of leading universities offering quality education in Corporate Communications

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Career Scope in Corporate Communication

Once you get a hold of the traits taught in the course, you will be all set to achieve your career aspirations. In the corporate sector, you will be managing the flow of communications by building brand equity for the organization in the market. You would also be expected to handle the relationships with various stakeholders, dealers/channels, investors, customer etc. The corporate communication managers are also held responsible for crafting company-wide e-mails, describing new campaigns, establishing downward and upward channels for communication with the senior management and employees. Here are some top-notch career profiles which you can opt:

  • Outreach Coordinator 
  • Broadcast Producer
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Corporate Communications 
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Public Relations Manager 

Thus, we hope that this blog about a career in corporate communications has provided you with the right information, to begin with. If you are confused about how to start your journey in this field, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and they help you initiate towards the right direction for your career path.  

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