Top MIM Colleges in World

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Top MIM Colleges in World

Master in Management or MIM is a comprehensive degree that is ideal for launching a career in finance, marketing, consulting, marketing, and entrepreneurship, among other fields. Because it is of European origin, it has done well in recent years in gaining traction throughout the rest of the world. MIMs are known by a variety of titles, including M.Sc. in International Business, Master of Business and Economics, M.Sc. in Management, M.Sc. in General Management, and Master of International Management. So, if you want to learn more about the finest MIM universities in the globe, we have provided all of the required information on the best MIM programmes in the world below.

Name of the course Master degree in management. 
Average fees  INR 25 lakhs 
Eligibility requirements  2 years of experience 
Average Salary  60 lakhs 

Top MIM Colleges in the World for International Students

Some of the world’s best MIM colleges allow overseas students to study in a specific field in addition to courses that strengthen their business foundation. The top MIM colleges in the world and their MIM QS rankings are as follows:

So, these are some of the world’s top MIM schools, delivering the greatest MIM programmes to international students. Let’s go over this in detail:

Name of the University World QS Rankings 2023 Average Fees  in INR  Program Offered 
ESSEC France  EUR 19.2K 16 Lakhs  MSc in Management
HEC Paris EUR 43.5K 37 lakhs  Master in Management
Imperial College London  7 EUR 12 Lakh 10 lakhs MSc international Mangement 
IE Business School, Spain  EUR 38.2K 33 lakhs  Master in Management 
London School of Economics  56 EUR 34.5k 30 lakhs  MSc in Management
THe University of Sydney Business School  EUR 30.7K 27 lakhs  Master in Management 
ESADE Spain  6 INR 28 Lakh MIM
London Business School INR 30 lakh Master in analysis 
Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus  EUR 20.7K 18 lakhs  MSc BA Master in Management 
University of Bocconi 12 INR 18 Lakh MSc international management 

Eligibility Requirements 

Pursuing top MIM programmes in the world has been a popular option for individuals who do not wish to pursue an MBA overseas. So, in order to gain admission to the best MIM institutions in the globe, students must meet certain basic qualifying criteria, some of which are as follows:

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

International students must pass an English proficiency test, such as the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, with the appropriate score. The IELTS exam requires a minimum score of 6.5, the TOEFL exam requires a minimum score of 90, and the PTE exam requires a minimum score of 64.

GMAT Score

Many colleges that offer MIM programmes require scores for admittance. The average GMAT required for this programme is 610.

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Documents Required Top MIM Colleges in the World 

Additional documents are required for a flawless admission procedure to top MIM schools throughout the world. Some of the major documents required for applying to top MIM universities in the World are as follows.

Average Cost to Study in Top MIM Colleges in World

The MIM fees at the top 10 MIM colleges in the world are determined by the university where you are enrolled. The MIM price is typically between USD 34,834 to 27,10,757 INR per year. Furthermore, the cost of living is entirely dependent on the country as well as your living conditions. MIM’s annual cost of living is approximately USD 5,700  (INR 4,43,578).

Career Prospects 

MIM graduates from prestigious colleges typically earn roughly $93,529 per year (INR 71.19 lakh). Starting off, one may expect to earn $75,000 (INR 57.08 lakh) on average. Here are some additional salaries for various positions, according to Payscale:

Job Profile  Average Salary INR conversions 
Manufacturing Engineering Manager $100-161,000 INR 75 lakh to INR 1.22 crore
Marketing Director $103-169,000 INR 78.39 lakh to INR 1.28 crore
Marketing Consultant  $87-294,000 INR 66.22 lakh to INR 2.23 crore
Customer Service Manager $56-113,000  INR 42.62 lakh to INR 86.01 lakh
Operations Supervisor  $43-86,000 INR 32.73 lakh to INR 65.45 lakh


What is the duration of the entire course?

MIM programmes have shorter course durations than MBA programmes. The majority of MIM programmes last one or two years.

What are some of the best universities to pursue MIM abroad?

Some of the greatest universities in the world to study MIM are:
HEC Paris School of Management
University of St. Gallen
London Business School
IE Business School, Spain

Is Europe the best to study MIM?

The MIM programme is popular throughout Europe, including Italy, UK, Germany, and a few other countries among the most popular study places.

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