What is Marketing Communication?

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What is Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication is the subject that teaches you to combine and utilise several marketing channels and instruments. Marketing communication all about the message flow to the target market or the wider public. Advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sponsorship, communication, public relations, social media, customer journey, and promotion are marketing communication tools.

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What is Marketing Communication?

An essential and complicated component of a company’s marketing initiatives is marketing communication (MarCom). MarCom is a broad term that refers to all the messages and media you use to reach the market. Advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, your website, printed materials, PR initiatives, sales presentations, sponsorships, trade show appearances, and other forms of marketing communication are included.

The MarCom issue is too large to be covered in one article due to its complexity. This is the first in a six-part series on the subject of marketing communication. The whole list of books in this series is as follows:

  • Marketing communication (MarCom) – what is it? —sets the stage for the remainder of the series by outlining the fundamental concepts of marketing communication.
  • Discusses the finer points and significance of securing the top spot in your customers’ minds through positioning.
  • The framework for planning your marketing message is provided by your marketing message throughout the technology adoption lifecycle (TALC)
  • The technique and strategies for fostering word-of-mouth marketing in the marketplace are described in this marketing communication for tech companies article.
  • promotional activities: How (and why) you should personalize your message for technology enthusiasts and visionaries is the emphasis of this section on reaching early adopters of technology products.
  • Explains the strategies that will assist you cross the Chasm through effective market communication both across the Chasm and in the bowling alley.

Marketing communication objectives

There are two goals for marketing communications. One is to develop and maintain consumer preference and demand for the product. The sales cycle can also be shortened.

Establishing preference

The goal of preference creation is to position your brand or business in the thoughts of your target market over a longer period of time through communication techniques.

As a result, positioning and brand development constitute a considerable financial commitment for the business because they demand time and consistency (not just in the communication efforts themselves, but also in regards to the key components of product, pricing, and distribution).

Recall that creating preference through brand building will affect market share, profitability, and even your capacity to access talent—providing long-term value for the organisation.

Cutting the sales cycle short

In order to reduce the sales cycle, you must help your channel and sales partners find, engage, and deliver customers. Understanding the purchasing process of the consumer provides vital information into how the sales cycle might be shortened.

The procedure a consumer goes through while purchasing a product is depicted in the figure below. MarCom personnel must determine how they can contribute to accelerating the process through market research and discussions with salespeople.

In the early stages of the sales cycle for high-tech items, there is a significant degree of customer education involved. To satisfy this education demand, MarCom must concentrate on developing, packaging, and providing pertinent information to the client throughout the purchasing process.

The buying process

The communication strategies used to accelerate the sales cycle are typically more tactical than those done to establish a brand. However, if one MarCom goal is prioritised over the other, it will cast doubt on the validity of your plan, thus your approach to achieving the two MarCom goals must be balanced. To achieve this balance, you need to work closely with channel partners who deal directly with customers and sales.

More information about creating tactical plans may be found in the articles below:

  • The advertisement
  • Market communication: Getting in touch with technology product early adopters
  • Market exchange in the bowling alley and across the Chasm
  • Technology startup marketing communications Market leadership through word-of-mouth promotion

Its two goals are to increase product demand/preference and shorten the sales cycle. Marketing communication (MarCom) is the term used to describe the messages and channels you use to communicate with your market.

Marketing Communication Tools

The most popular marketing communication tools that are used to convey messages to the target customer or for advertising products/services are: 


Advertising is a form of marketing communication which promotes a product, service, or concept. 

Social Media

Social Media is the most popular marketing platform that engages with peers, customers, and potential customers. It humanizes the brand and makes it easier to communicate your message in a conversational manner.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the marketing strategy where a commercial message is sent via email to a group of people like a broadcast. The email contains advertisements, soliciting business, or soliciting purchases or donations by email.


Radio marketing as the names suggests is the advertisement of products or services via a radio broadcast. 

Print Media

Similarly a Print advertising is a type of marketing that is physically printed in hard form in a variety of periodicals, including newspapers, magazines, brochures, and direct mail.

Types of Marketing Communication

These are the types of marketing communication:

Digital Marketing

In the Digital Marketing type of marketing communication, brands make use of the internet to market and promote different products or services, connect with target customers and also encourage them to purchase. 

Public Relations

Public Relations entails engaging with your target market in order to raise awareness of your company, build and manage its reputation, and cultivate consumer connections. While marketing is concerned with advertising actual items and services, public relations is concerned with raising awareness, changing opinions, and changing behaviour.


Advertising is the process of bringing items, services, opinions, or causes to the public’s attention in order to persuade them to respond in a certain way to what is being promoted.

Social Media

Although the phrases e-marketing and digital marketing still have a stronghold in academia, social media marketing is gaining traction among practitioners and academics.

Customer Recommendations

Recommendations are utilized for more than just acquiring trust. It’s also a highly effective traffic-building strategy. When a company is suggested by others, word spreads rapidly. 

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the communication done by businesses connecting directly to the pre-selected customer and providing a platform to respond. It’s also known as a direct reaction among practitioners.

Sales Promotion

A sales promotion is a type of marketing in which a company has a limited-time campaign for its product or service. It is often used to boost sales. 

Career Options

These are the career options you can after opting marketing communicating:

Marketing Communication Specialist 

Marketing communication specialists do market research and generate promotional content for product launches and marketing campaigns based on their expertise in the company’s products, services, and brand image.

Brand Ambassador

Companies hire brand ambassadors to represent their products and services. They develop content, participate in promotional events, and give marketing professionals information about the company’s target demographics. 

Social Media Manager 

Social media managers are in charge of a company’s social media accounts. They reply to comments, plan post schedules, and work with influencers to form connections.

Promotions Coordinator

Promotions coordinators collaborate with marketing and advertising experts to create promotional materials and event ideas that assist companies to sell their products.

Marketing Communications Associate  

Content production, marketing campaign development, and event promotion are all responsibilities that a marketing communications associate is responsible for. They also collaborate closely with the advertising and marketing divisions to discover the most effective product promotion channels.

Public Relations Assistant 

Public relations assistants work for public relations businesses and help clients with administrative and marketing chores. They collaborate with senior public relations experts to understand a client’s needs and generate content such as press releases, memos, and infographics to promote their client’s business or product line.

Advertising Specialist

To create distinctive advertising or marketing campaigns, advertising specialists engage with marketing professionals and content developers. They may be in charge of hiring and training advertising specialists at their place of business.

Event Planner

Event planners assist clients in achieving their event goals by working for corporations, event venues, or event planning organizations. They meet with clients, supervise event employees, and choose decor that is appropriate for the client’s theme and budget. Event planners work in it to organize product launches and other promotional events. 

Marketing Communication Coordinator 

A marketing communications coordinator contributes to their employer’s promotional activities by using their understanding of channels and content production. They consult with marketing and advertising teams as well as other media sources to determine which platforms are most effective for their target demographic.

Market Research Analyst 

To make detailed assertions regarding a company’s brand recognition or target consumers, a market research analyst examines industry trends, customer reviews, and other relevant data. Their research aids an experts in determining which methods of communication are most effective in advertising their products.

Social Media Strategist 

Businesses’ marketing and promotion goals are aligned with social media strategies developed by social media strategists. They collaborate closely with social media marketing experts to develop posting schedules, profile aesthetics, and promotional activities that might boost product sales.

Brand Marketing Specialist

A brand marketing specialist assists businesses in creating marketing strategies and materials that are consistent with their brand identities. They also supervise marketing and social media staff and offer advice on how to ensure that their marketing and promotional activities are consistent with the company’s brand. 

Advertising Consultant 

An advertising consultant applies their knowledge of the industry to assist firms in developing distinctive promotional materials and determining the best distribution channels.

Marketing Campaign Manager

Email marketing campaigns, inbound marketing campaigns, brand development campaigns, and product promotion campaigns are just a few of the campaigns that marketing campaign managers handle. 

Marketing Communications Manager

The managers are in charge of a company’s entire marketing communication strategy. They collaborate closely with marketing, sales, and advertising departments to decide which channels will assist efforts the best.

Media Buyer  

Media buyers work for advertising or public relations organizations, assisting clients in purchasing commercial spots on television and radio shows. They can also assist companies in obtaining billboard rights and media spotlights to promote their business.

Web Developer 

Web developers create websites and mobile applications for organizations using their knowledge of programming languages and coding methods. Web developers assist businesses in expanding their engagement with target audiences through the establishment of up-to-date websites and mobile services.

SEO Manager

SEO managers boost interaction with company websites by optimizing web materials and applying their knowledge of search engine optimization. They collaborate together with the marketing team and SEO experts to perform research and guarantee that digital marketing initiatives obtain the highest level of user engagement possible.


University  Course Fee
Mount Aloysius College Business (Marketing Communications Media) $23,899
Keiser University Integrated Marketing Communications $33,120
Arizona State University Marketing (Digital and Intergrated Marketing Communications) $31,199
Midway University  Marketing Communications $24,500


University  Course Fee
London Metropolitan University Advertising, Marketing Communications and Public Relations $15,344
Falmouth University Marketing Communications $21,096
Bournemouth University Marketing Communications  $17,520
London South Bank University Marketing Communications  $16,649


University  Course Fee
Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Advertising and Communications $12,014
Sheridan College Advertising and Marketing Communications $14,119
Bow Valley College Business Administration: Integrated Marketing Communications $24,556


What is the role of marketing communications?

Marketing communication is the type of communication which helps move products, services, and ideas from manufacturers to end users. The role of marketing communication is to build and maintain relationships with customers and the company. 

What are the benefits of marketing communication?

Marketing Communications has many benefits for an organization including helping build good customer relationships, enabling personalized communications, improving brand perception, increasing customer retention etc.

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