How to Become an Otolaryngologist in India?

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How to Become an Otolaryngologist in India

With the rapid progress and development in medical science, the need and demand for qualified medical practitioners have been on a surge. Different parts of the human body demand care as well as treatment in different ways. The technological revolutions and excellent trained professionals have enabled swift and safer diagnosis and treatment procedures. Similarly, in recent times Otolaryngologist has been in great demand in the healthcare industry.

Who is an Otolaryngologist?

Any health condition or illness related to your ear, nose, or throat is diagnosed and treated by medical professionals who are called ENT specialists or otolaryngologists. There are a variety of issues that our body parts suffer due to many varying reasons and some of them concern peculiar issues with our sensing organs as well as the throat which can best be treated by Otolaryngologists.

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What Conditions Do Otolaryngologists Treat?

Following are some of the listed problems that an ENT Specialist treats on a daily basis.

  • An ear condition, involving hearing loss, infection, etc
  • Nose and nasal issues, including infection, sinusitis, and allergies.
  • Throat problems like tonsillitis, throat infection, and voice issues.
  • Infections or tumors (cancerous or not) relating to your head or neck

Step-by-Step Guide to Become an Otolaryngologist in India

The healthcare industry has always been considered one field which demands the greatest caution and specialization to treat humans as different stages and every act can really be cautious to one’s life. To become specialized to treat patients by becoming an Otolaryngologist demands certain essentialities, which have been discussed below.

  • Passing 12th in Science stream, including biology compulsorily. For the start of your ENT degree in the medical field, the basic requirement for any student to clear is to clear your +2 Standard with the Science stream which must include Biology as one of the subjects.
  • Passing National Entrance Exam Test (NEET). After clearing your +2 requirement, the aspiring student must clear India’s nationwide conducted Entrance Test, which is also one of the toughest exams in the country with a large proportion of candidates competing for a limited number of seats. For getting into top government medical colleges in India, the candidates must be among the toppers of the contesting students.
  • Completing Medical Bachelor’s Degree. After qualifying in NEET, the students enter their undergraduate studies which require rigorous studies and labor to get through the demanding course of almost 9 to 10 semesters which lasts for 5-6 years. The MBBS syllabus consists of a rigorous course plan which goes on to make future doctors and life-savers understand the details of medicine and surgery and to make their foundational knowledge strong.  
  • Taking up a Specialized degree as MS ( Masters of Surgery in Otolaryngology). To get any degree with a specialization in a particular field, the students after their undergraduate degree have to sit for postgraduate entrance tests which are called NEET-PG (National Entrance Exam Test- Postgraduate) in India. This entrance exam holds very limited seats for qualifying students and involves rigorous preparation by the candidates. To become an Otolaryngologist, the students, after qualifying in their pre-postgraduate entrance test, should select Otolaryngology as their specialty field. After choosing their specialty, the postgrads go through the length and breadth of their specialized field and the duration of study is almost three years.  After the course completion, the student is awarded an MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MS (Master of Surgery)
  • Passing Medical Council of India (MCI) Screening test to finally register as an Otolaryngologist in India. This Screening Test is the last and final step for a doctor to formally and officially register as a Specialist in India which certifies that one can practice its profession across the country.

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Eligibility Criteria 

There are some minimum requirements that must be fulfilled to become an Otolaryngologist in India which can be summarized as follows.

  • Must have Science in +2 with Biology as one of the subjects
  • Must pass +2 with a minimum of 50% in the board examination
  • Must qualify to sit for the NEET-UG exam
  • Must qualify to get administered in a registered MBBS institution in India.
  • Must pass the undergraduate degree
  • Qualify for NEET-PG 
  • Complete Post Graduation in Otolaryngology as a specialty
  • Pass the MCI Screening test and register yourself to practice in India

Top Medical Colleges to Study M.S. in Otolaryngology in India

Following is the list of some of the best colleges in India to do Master in Otolaryngology or M.S.ENT.

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Skills Required to Become an Otolaryngologist

There are some basic yet important skills that an Otolaryngologist must have to treat patients in the best possible way. 

  • Stamina to do long hours of work. An Otolaryngologist job can be demanding and can often require a great amount of concentrated work at a stretch. It is important for an Otolaryngologist to be composed and trained to work for long hours without losing care.
  • Communication Skills. To better understand the problems and illnesses of patients, doctors require good communication skills to get the diagnosis and treatment in the right way.
  •  Excellent hand-eye coordination. Otolaryngologists’ jobs require good coordination between their hands and eyes to work better to treat patients accordingly.
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Be composed even in stressful conditions. 
  • Must be compassionate to their patients.

Scope of Otolaryngologists in India

An Otolaryngologist goes through a rigorous study and work plan to qualify to become one and is therefore a highly revered profession with great demand in the healthcare industry. There are the following fields in that an Otolaryngologist can perform their professional role.

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Salary of an Otolaryngologist in India

Following are the different professional roles performed by Otolaryngologists with average salaries in India.

ENT Surgeon SalaryINR 12.00 Lakh p.a
Audiologist SalaryINR 4.40 Lakh p.a
ENT Consultant SalaryINR 15.00 Lakh p.a
Registrar SalaryINR 10.00 Lakh p.a
Senior Registrar SalaryINR 10.70 Lakh p.a
Senior Consultant SalaryINR 15.40 Lakh p.a
Professor SalaryINR 10.80 Lakh p.a


Q.1. Is ENT the same as an Otolaryngologist?

Ans: Yes, an Otolaryngologist treats illnesses related to eyes, nose, and throat and therefore is short-termed as ENT.

Q.2. What is the salary of an ENT surgeon in India?

Ans:  The average salary of an ENT surgeon in India is almost INR 12 lakhs.

Q.3. What is the highest degree for an Otolaryngology study?

Ans: A Master’s in Otolaryngology or M.S. in ENT is the highest degree for the study in the field.

This was everything related to becoming an Otolaryngologist in India. As we all know, students often face difficulties in carving their career path after their 12th. If you want someone to help you get through the process swiftly and without losing out on the best universities, you can reach us at 1800 57 2000 and contact our Leverage Edu experts. Also, you can find many career-related informative blogs by following Leverage Edu Blogs. 

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