Salary of a Neurosurgeon in India: Breakdown of the Salary City-Wise, Experience-Wise

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Salary of a Neurosurgeon in India

A neurosurgeon is a doctor who specializes in the study of neurological disorders related to the neck, brain and spinal cord. He/she is also responsible for carrying out surgical procedures on patients related to neurology. At times, special robotic devices and equipment are used in neurosurgery. Neurosurgeon salary depends on the location and the experience gathered by the individual. Keep reading to know more about the neurosurgeon salary: city-wise and experience-wise.

Why Become a Neurosurgeon in India?

There are several reasons you should choose to become a neurosurgeon in India. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Help patients by diagnosing and treating nerve disorders and injuries. Neurosurgeons also get to conduct surgeries on the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.
  • Earn a high salary and get other employee benefits such as health insurance, and malpractice insurance.
  • Learn about science and technology and gain skills such as microsurgery knowledge, leadership skills,  hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination, and the ability to work under pressure.

Neurosurgeon Salary: City Wise

The Neurosurgeon’s salary varies on the basis of the city the individual is working in. Below is the salary of a neurosurgeon city-wise.

City NameAverage Annual Salary
MumbaiINR 6.74 lakh
New DelhiINR 14.5 lakh
BangaloreINR 10.32 lakh
KolkataINR 7.14 lakh
HyderabadINR 19.55 lakh
ChennaiINR 9.15 lakh
JaipurINR 8.58 lakh
LucknowINR 9.60 lakh
BhopalINR 8 lakh
PatnaINR 6.64 lakh
SrinagarINR 8.40 lakh
RanchiINR 7.54 lakh
ChandigarhINR 8.29 lakh
BhubaneswarINR 7.73 lakh
DehradunINR 8.16 lakh
JammuINR 8.42 lakh
NoidaINR 9.48 lakh
GurgaonINR 10.04 lakh
GangtokINR 8.24 lakh
ThiruvananthapuramINR 8.50 lakh
PuneINR 9.28 lakh
VisakhapatnamINR 8.24 lakh
AgraINR 7.68 lakh
VaranasiINR 7.74 lakh
AhmedabadINR 8.86 lakh
BhopalINR 8 lakh
FaridabadINR 8.39 lakh
CoimbatoreINR 7.66 lakh
KochiINR 8.57lakh
AmritsarINR 7.75 lakh
IndoreINR 8.10 lakh
JamshedpurINR 19.41 lakh

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Neurosurgeon Salary: Experience Wise 

The salary of a neurosurgeon differs on the basis of experience. Generally, a neurosurgeon with more experience is paid more than a neurosurgeon with no experience. Below is a list of the salary of neurosurgeons in India based on experience.

Experience Average Annual SalaryLocation
1yrINR 10 lakh- INR 16 lakhBangalore
1yrINR 12.6 – INR 18.4 lakhMumbai
1yrINR 14.6 – INR 18.6 lakhNew Delhi
1yrINR 1.9 lakh- INR 2.4 lakhErnakulam
1yrINR 40.5 lakh- INR 51.8 lakhVizianagaram
1 yrINR  84.6 lakh- INR  108.1 lakhKolkata

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Experience Average Annual SalaryLocation
3 yrsINR 13.5 lakh- INR 17.3  lakhBangalore
3 yrsINR 21.6 – INR 27.6 lakhMumbai
3 yrsINR 14.6 – INR 18.6 lakhNew Delhi
3 yrsINR 12.6 lakh- INR 16.1 lakhErnakulam
3 yrsINR 16.2 lakh- INR 20.7 lakhGurgaon
Experience Average Annual SalaryLocation
5 yrsINR 0.9 lakh- INR 13.8  lakhBangalore
5 yrsINR 4.5 lakh- INR 5.8  lakhErnakulam
5 yrsINR 2.7 lakh- INR 3.5  lakhPune

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Neurosurgeon Salaries by Company

A neurosurgeon’s salary can vary on the basis of the company. Generally, a prestigious company/institution pays well. Below is a list of the neurosurgeon salaries by company.

CompanyExperienceAverage Annual Salary
AIIMS3-5 yrsINR 13.1 lakh
Apollo Hospitals1 yrINR 27.7 lakh
KEM Hospital1-3 yrsINR 18.7 lakh
NIMHANS1-5 yrsINR 11.3 lakh
Govt. Medical College 2-3 yrsINR 25.2- INR 34.5 lakh

Top Skills for Neurosurgeons

Neurosurgeons in India and abroad require certain skills. A highly skilled neurosurgeon is always in demand. Below are the top in-demand skills for neurosurgeons in India.

  • Stamina to perform surgery for several hours
  • Communication skills to effectively communicate with the medical professionals including nurses and physicians.
  • Time management skills to work in a fast-paced environment 
  • Dexterity to perform complicated surgeries using specialized equipment 
  • Critical thinking skills to deal with emergency situations

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How much are neurosurgeons paid in India?

Neurosurgeon salary is generally between INR 2.6 lakh to INR 95.0 lakh. The average annual salary of a neurosurgeon in India is INR 32 lakh per annum.

Is neurosurgeon a good career?

The job of a neurosurgeon is extremely fulfilling. However, it can be stressful and emotional. A neurosurgeon has to diagnose and even provide surgical treatment for conditions related to the central nervous system.

What is the starting salary for a Neurosurgeon in India?

A neurosurgeon’s starting salary is generally between INR 1.9 lakh per annum. However, a minimum of 1 year is required to become a neurosurgeon.

The average annual salary of a neurosurgeon in India is INR 26.86 lakh. However, the neurosurgeon’s salary varies on the basis of the location, the company, and the experience acquired. For example, the average annual salary of an experienced neurosurgeon in Mumbai is between INR 21.6 – INR 27.6 lakh. On the other hand, the salary of an inexperienced neurosurgeon is between INR  14.6 – INR 18.6 lakh.

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