How to Become a Government Teacher After 12th: A Complete Guide

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how to become a government teacher after 12th

Teaching is one of the most reputable jobs globally, be it an elementary school teacher or a lecturer at a University. The demand for Government Teachers is usually high compared to other professions as the daily number of increasing students. According to some recent statistics, the Government Teacher-student ratio in India for 2022 was 2:80 which is relatively low compared to other developing countries. In today’s blog, we will throw some light on how to become a government teacher after 12th, its benefits, and everything related to it, so stay tuned and continue reading.

Why Become a Government Teacher?

Here are some key benefits of being a teacher we have listed below, kindly take a look:

  • Teaching is a fairly stable profession when compared which other professions with high demand and as a government teacher job security is the highest
  • Government teachers can enjoy some exclusive holidays like summer breaks and winter breaks and even the working hours are not more than 7-8 hours which makes it a perfect job for people who like spending time with their family or pursuing other interests
  • As a government teacher, it’s a rewarding experience as you need to share and pass on knowledge with extreme job satisfaction as teachers train and mold our future leaders.
  • Apart from job security, government teachers can also get retirement benefits like a retirement pension scheme
  • You can also get some medical benefits like life insurance and a discount on medicines if you become a government teacher
  • As this is a government job, the probability of getting the expected salary on time is high.

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How to Become a Government Teacher after 12th?

If you ask “How to become a Government Teacher after 12th” then you directly can’t apply for most of the government teacher jobs after completing your 12th as teaching is not a regular profession it’s more like a responsibility of providing guidance and showing career paths to our future generations and you need to understand what makes a good teacher but here are a few things that you can do after your 12th to make a career in teaching:

  • Prepare for your undergraduate program
  • After your graduation, enrol yourself in a PG study program or Diploma in Education or B.Ed
  • You need to appear for exams like CTET, TS TET, and STET to pursue B.Ed
  • You can also do further studies like M.Ed to increase your chances of becoming a government teacher

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Entrance Exams 

There are many entrance exams for becoming a government teacher which are conducted by the different governing bodies and we have listed them below:

  • TET, (Teacher Eligibility Test) is conducted by the state government and this is divided into two levels
  • CTET, (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) is conducted by the central government for CBSE, and the exams are conducted twice every year.
  • STET, (State Teacher Eligibility Test) is conducted by the state teacher and this is only for the candidates who are willing to teach within their state.
  • NET, (National Eligibility Test) is conducted by Universities and this is only applicable to candidates who have completed their Master’s Degree

Become a Government Teacher Directly after 12th

Mostly you cant directly become a government teacher after 12th but you can apply to become a PRT Teacher directly after completing your 12th. You also need to hold a diploma degree so let’s check its basic eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria– 

  • You need to have a 10+2 equivalent school certificate 
  • You need to have aggregated score of a minimum of 50% to be eligible 
  • As an applicant for this government teacher post you need to appear and pass the exams like CTET which is conducted by CBSE or TET conducted by State Government
  • You also need to have a diploma in D.Ed or Bachelor in Elementary Education ie. (B.EL.Ed)


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List of Courses to Become a Government Teacher

Here is the list of courses that can be beneficial for you to become a Government Teacher:

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Top Universities in India to Become a Government Teacher 

Here are a few colleges where you can get a diploma certificate for Education or you can pursue  B.Ed or M.Ed:

1Banaras Hindu UniversityVaranasi
2Amity UniversityNoida
3University of CalcuttaKolkata
4Lovely Professional UniversityPhagwara
5Swaminarayan UniversityKalol
6SGT UniversityGurugram
7Lady Irwin CollegeNew Delhi

Recruitment Process of Government Teacher

The recruitment process for government teachers is very simple which we have listed below:

Step 1- Appear for the Exams

You need to appear for the exams (CTET or TET) both of which consists of two papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. Candidates need to clear Paper 1 if they are looking forward to teaching classes from 1 to 5 and candidates willing to teach classes 6 to 8 need to clear the second paper.

Step 2- Apply to be a Government Teacher

If you successfully clear the exams, you are automatically eligible for applying to be a government teacher, you need to look for job vacancies in the government schools and apply directly. Kindly Note, after you clear the exam you will be provided with a certificate and keep it handy will applying for a government teacher’s job.

Step 3- Interview Process

After you are shortlisted for the job role, you will be called for a personal interview where you will be assessed on the basis of some basic parameters such as your teaching skills, expertise in the particular subject, communication skills, etc. If the evaluator finds you an ideal fit you will be offered a job that you need to accept in writing and after that, you will be appointed as a government teacher.

Types of Government Teachers

Here are the different types of Government teachers according to their specialization and job responsibility:

  • Pre-Primary Teacher– These teachers are the ones who develop students from the grassroots level and play a crucial role as they deal with 3 to 5 years old students. This is also a very tough job where they need to nourish and enrich these students with elementary knowledge like the alphabet and numbering.
  • Primary Teacher (PRT)– Primary school teachers introduce students to practical life skills, and knowledge and make them understand the new concepts of education. These teachers usually deal with students of 6 to 12 years old. They build the initial pillar of education for students which will remain with the students lifelong.
  • Graduate Teacher (TGT)– These teachers usually teach students for higher education (6th to 10th). Secondary school teachers build a deep connection with their students to know their hidden talents or guide them to refine their skills, provide them with practical knowledge and help students to build and achieve their life goals.
  • Post Graduate Teacher (PGT)– These teachers are usually someone with specialized knowledge in a particular subject. They provide deep knowledge about a particular subject to their students and guide them to select their careers successfully. PGTs are usually post-graduates with specialized knowledge about a particular subject.

Other Teaching Options After 12th 

Here are some teaching options after the 12th that you can start which will also serve as an experience for your teaching career:

  • Private Tutor– You can easily start teaching privately as a private tutor as it’s very common these days. Students require some extra attention and guidance when are comparatively weak in a particular subject so they choose to opt for a Private tutor for some extra guidance. Just an additional tip, try to emphasize the subjects and fields where you are strong and your fundamentals are clear. 
  • Online Teaching Classes- You can start Online classes where you can clear the doubts of students. For example, English is your key strong point so you can start teaching online with spoken English classes where you can help students with their grammar and make them speak English more confidently, guiding them with 1 on 1 interactive session so that students can clear their doubts easily.

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1. Which subjects are best for teaching?

Here are some subjects that have a huge demand for teaching Maths, English, Science, and Social Science.

2. What are the skills required to be a Government teacher?

A teacher should always have patience, be less judgemental, and have empathy so some key skills which are required to be a Government teacher are:
Critical Thinking Skills
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
Creative Thinking Skills
Organizational Skills

3. What is the basic Salary of a Government teacher?

The average salary of a government school teacher is INR 3 Lakh to 4 Lakh per annum in India.


This was everything related to how to become a government teacher after 12th. If you wish to learn more about other emerging career options out there in India and always want to stay updated you can visit our page You can also follow and connect with us through our socials like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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