London Business School Offering a Unique Learning Experience through its World-Class Programs

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Unique Learning Experience

Located in the scintillating metropolis of London, London Business School is counted amongst the best business schools when we talk about study in UK as well as the world. Consistently ranking in the top 5 business schools in the world rankings, the school is internationally acclaimed for its top-notch quality programs and has mentored many global business leaders. Many things differentiate it and make it a unique learning experience for the students at London Business School – the location, the curriculum, the flexible duration of the course – all of which you get only at LBS.

To facilitate efficient online learning for students across the world, London Business School is also coming up with new, innovative and unique programs which aim at giving a unique learning experience. LBS is also highly committed to providing a world-class education to their participants through these challenging times of the pandemic. The London Business School has come with a unique learning experience for their students which will help them to achieve their goals and career stage via a rich suite of formats including in-person, live virtual and online programs for immediate career impact. LBS is providing the students with three different program formats designed to help you overcome your business challenges. These are as follows:

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Online Learning

The London Business School is providing three online formats for students to choose from. This unique learning experience curated by London Business School will let the students discover a digital solution that meets their individual or organisational needs. The three formats under online learning modules offered by LBS are:

Short Live Online Learning

An all-new range of short live online courses for individuals, teams and organisations that offer a unique blend of peer-to-peer learning, self-directed activities and live interactive sessions with expert faculty that aims at giving you a unique learning experience with a blend of courses namely:

  • Becoming Exceptional
  • How To Hack Management 
  • Women In Business
  • Achieving Strategic Agility 
  • Crisis Leadership And Human Behaviour 
  • The Future Of Work
  • Crisis Economics For Leaders 

Self-paced Flexible Online Learning

The self-paced online learning programs will let the students connect with a global network of peers and benefit from dedicated Learning Manager support as they work through engaging assignments and self-paced learning activities on a range of online programmes suitable for individuals, teams and organisations. Courses under self-paced flexible online learning format are:

  • Mastering Digital Marketing 
  • Innovation In The Digital World 
  • Startup Success: Fund Your Business Without Venture Capital 
  • The Entrepreneurial Edge 
  • Sustainability Leadership And Corporate Responsibility 
  • The Business Of Ai

Bespoke Solutions for Teams and Organisations

LBS is also empowering people with the expertise needed to thrive in uncertainty and overcome the challenges facing their organisation. The Bespoke solutions are focusing on teams and organisations that aim at giving you and your team the tools both personal and professional, that are needed to thrive in uncertain market conditions, hence boosting your unique learning experience at the London Business School. The courses offered under this format are:

  • Our Work With Organisations 
  • Building Organisational Resilience 

Unique Learning Experiences by LBS

Let’s further explore the most prominent unique learning experiences formulated by London Business Schools to help students continue their education during the pandemic:

Live Virtual Learning

The London Business School has always focused on facilitating efficient and unique learning experiences and new ways of working on their curriculum. Challenging times call for innovative solutions which is why LBS has adapted and are offering world-class programs in a new virtual format that will ensure you and your business thrive through disruption. Designed specifically for the pandemic times, the in-person programs are delivered through a dedicated live virtual format that is promoting live virtual learning and hence boosting the unique learning experience by London Business School. The programs take place for 5-10 days, allowing the students to have access to at least 40 hours of live learning with the world-class faculty. The Live Virtual Learning program is not only enriching learning experience in a truly global classroom but is also focusing on studying alongside and interacting with a cohort of participants from every corner of the world – just like you would on campus. Programs offered under live virtual learning format are related to the field of:

  • Strategy 
  • Leadership 
  • Finance 

Hybrid Learning

A mix of both the worlds, reality and virtual. The London Business School’s Hybrid Learning program is offering students from around the world to discover and experience a rich and innovative portfolio of hybrid learning programs, which is an excellent amalgamation of on-campus learning as well as live virtual learning sessions. In response to these uncertain times, LBS has come up with this unique learning experience, that uniquely brings together participants both on campus in London and live virtually for a simultaneous world-class learning experience. The hybrid learning-based programs provide a dynamic classroom for participants and faculty, where participants, whether learning virtually or on campus, use technology to interact with faculty, engage with programme content and learn from their peers. Apart from that, the participants will be allowed to access 40 hours of live learning with the world-class faculty of the London Business School. The participants will be allowed to join experiential activities and collaborative group work exercises, and access dedicated coaching both on campus and live virtually for real-time impact. Adding onto, the virtual participants will have the chance to join the LBS campus in the near future for an exclusive day to reinforce their unique learning experience. Also, one gets to choose from a variety of programs under this hybrid learning format namely:

  • General Management 
  • Leadership 
  • Finance 
  • Strategy 
  • Marketing, and 
  • Digital Transformation And Innovation  

Thus, these unique learning experiences introduced by London Business School will surely help students and working professionals continue their skill-oriented learning with flexible modules and virtual classes. Planning to study at LBS? Our Leverage Edu counsellors are here to assist you in finding the right course as well as sorting out the admission process to ensure that you send a winning application!

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