What are the 10 Things You Should Never Do in USA?

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Home to top-ranked universities in the world especially the Ivy League, the USA is one of the most preferred destinations for study abroad. The USA has the largest economy, excellent education system and is home to diverse ethnicities.  While you get the best of everything in the USA, there are some dos and don’ts you should know before taking a flight to the USA. Let’s unravel the top 10 things you should never do in USA.

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Never Invade Someone’s Privacy

Americans are very particular about their personal space and privacy. Never try to interfere in their personal space because that can definitely influence your communication and relationship with them. Whenever interacting with Americans, always ensure that their personal space is maintained and they don’t feel any kind of interference. Ensure that they feel comfortable when any kind of interaction is done with Americans. Use the farthest urinal or stall from the next person standing and avoid interacting with Americans.

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Don’t Put Your Grades at Stake

In American universities, professors don’t mind if students skip some of their lectures but they are very particular about the grades of the student. Always ensure to keep up a decent to high academic record even if you bunk a few lectures.

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Don’t Text or Call While Driving

Traffic rules and laws are to be adhered to strictly. One of the traffic rules is to avoid the use of mobile phones for texting and talking purposes while driving. The lawbreakers will be heavily penalized for the same.

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Don’t Disrespect the National Flag

In the USA, you must always respect the American flag and avoid saying anything negative or derogatory about the US troops. It will keep you safe and far from all sorts of legal troubles. Be mindful of what you say or comment as it does have an impact and a little controversial statement may land you in big trouble.

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Avoid Creepy Stares

Avoid staring at other people in the USA as they are very particular about not being stared at in a creepy way. Staring at others does give off the vibe of a creep and does not look like a gentlemanly gesture. Always be mindful of your etiquette and manners in the USA.

Do Not Enter Elevator Unless Everyone has Stepped Out

Before stepping into any elevator, ensure that everyone else has stepped out. This speaks volumes about the classiness and character of a person. Always remember a gentleman makes his mark in the supreme economy of the world, i.e. the USA.

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Never Cut in Between Line

Whenever standing in a queue, never be in a haste and cut the line. This clearly illustrates that the person is impatient and lacks calmness. Calmness and patience are always appreciated in the USA.

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Don’t Discuss Politics/Religion with People You Just Met

The USA is a country with diverse sorts of people but be mindful of what you talk about. Discussing religion/politics with people can lead to controversies and heated arguments. Heated arguments can land you in legal issues as well.

Don’t Argue with a Police Officer

It is always appreciable to voice out opinions but do ensure that your way of communication is assertive in nature and does not turn aggressive especially with a police officer. Laws are strict in the USA and violation of any sort will lead to serious punishments and outcomes for a student as well.

Don’t Forget to Tip

Whenever you are visiting a restaurant or cafe, always leave a tip for the waiter. Apart from being deemed a kind gesture, it helps the waiters earn some extra buck. Whether in the USA or India, always be kind.

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The USA is one of a kind destination for international education and now you know about the top 10 things you should never do in USA. Are you aspiring to study in the USA? Contact our experts and counsellors at the Leverage Edu for any admissions support.

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