Study Abroad: There are currently up to 365,000 foreign students studying in Germany

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Study Abroad: There are currently up to 365,000 foreign students studying in Germany
The number of study abroad aspirants attending institutions across Germany has continued to rise, according to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

According to DAAD, there are currently between 355,000 and 365,000 people enrolled in the nation’s colleges who want to study abroad. Between 2 and 4 percent more study abroad aspirants are currently enrolled at German institutions than they were a year before, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of foreign students in their first year of study has also significantly increased.

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The “Wissenschaft weltoffen 2022” report, which the DAAD released a few months earlier, revealed that there were 8% more study abroad aspirants in Germany during the winter semester of 2022–2022 than there were the year before. During the academic year 2021/22, about 350,000 foreign students attended German higher education institutions.

China and India are the main countries of origin for study abroad aspirants enrolled in Germany, followed by Syria and Austria. The United States, France, Italy, Cameroon, Iran, Turkey, and other nations also send the majority of their students to Germany.

Earlier, The Academic Evaluation Centre (APS) was established in India as a result of Indian students’ growing preference for studying in Germany.

German institutions are now offering more degrees in the English language, making the country a popular option for Indian students looking to study abroad. The country, which lies in the middle of Europe, also has a unique research ecosystem with collaborations between academic institutions and industry, as well as renowned colleges of applied sciences.

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