Study abroad: Caltech Partners to Launch the Global Student Haven Initiative

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Caltech Partners to Launch the Global Student Haven Initiative
On Monday, 19th December 2022, Caltech partnered with seven peer institutions to develop the GSHI or Global Student Haven Initiative, which is a brand new consortium that is aimed to support refugee students from all over the Earth more effectively. The GSHI will provide the students with a proper way so they can access resources without any issues.

This initiative by the U.S. professionals was developed once Russia invaded Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis starts exploding in Afghanistan. These two recent global incidents have allowed higher education institutes in the United States to support prospective international and displaced academic students.

The participating institutions in this program are: Dartmouth College, Bowdoin College, New York University, Caltech, Pomona College, Williams College, Trinity College, and Smith College. These institutions have plans to provide different types of financial aid to the admitted refugee students as per their needs.

The institutions also have plans to provide different campus services such as mental health support and housing support. As political tension is increasing in the world, students are getting caught in the crossfire. The Global Haven Initiative will help young refugee scholars in a proper as well as affordable manner.

This consortium will also decrease the overall educational barriers for some specific student refugees who are facing the most hardships from this international crisis. The consortium will also prepare and equip the researchers and scholars for a proper return to their home country.

In the coming years, the institutions have plans to expand their partnerships.

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