From Mumbai Slums to Acing NEET: This 18-year-old Girl Cracked NEET to Get Admission in MBBS!

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This 18-year-old cracked NEET to get Admission in MBBS

A resident of Mumbai’s Govandi slum, 18-year-old Khan Rushda Praveen cracked NEET to get admission in MBBS and challenged the stereotypical gender norms and all the financial difficulties to make her dream come true! The slum where she belonged has been known to have the highest poverty and illiteracy rate but even after all these challenges she faced all the odds and kept moving forward. 

Rushda comes from a decent family and has a one-room kitchen house. She had always been inclined towards academics and hopes to become a neurologist one day. This 18 year old cracks NEET due to her dedication and perseverance. Her success has a lot to do with the support she received from her family. Her mother and father did not complete high school and their family income is Rs 25,000/month to which Rushda’s mother states they have just enough money for living but want their children to achieve something more in their lives.  Rushda was never asked to quit her studies and rush into a marriage, like most uneducated families do. She passed her class 10th board exams with 86% in 2017. 

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Dedication always pays-off

The journey of this 18-year-old who cracked NEET to get Admission in MBBS was not as simple as you’d imagine. Rushda used to wake up at 5 in the morning to study and attend college in the afternoon. Even after her college, she used to revise what she learnt in college in order to make the concepts clear. There was no doubt regarding her passion for academics which is why she went on to score 87% in her 12th board exams in 2019.

After a while she started preparing for NEET and refused to take even a day’s break. She would only take breaks to have food and was efficient in her studies as her siblings also used to study most of the time. The rest of the time she spent studying in college. She also had certain hobbies such as writing poems which calmed her during studying. 

Rushda’s Tips for NEET Aspirants

Rushda attempted NEET twice and although she cleared the exam in the first attempt only, she could not find a seat in a government-aided college so she appeared for NEET 2020 again. She got 597 out of 720 marks and secured a seat in a Nagpur government college. The advice of this remarkable 18-year-old who cracked NEET to get Admission in MBBS is that aspirants should to give more attention to the subject you find the toughest and start your preparation with NCERT.

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Life Goals

Rushda wishes to pursue MBBS and specialise in neurology. She believes in being financially independent and wants to build her life by herself. She also stated that while her parents didn’t have much education but they wanted their kids to study which is why her mother never bothered Rushda with any of the household chores. Not only her parents but all her relatives are very supportive of her and encouraged her to work hard.

She also secured a private scholarship from Maharashtra’s Cabinet Minister Nawab Malik which takes care of her college fees for five years no matter where she decides to take admission. 

This was the story of Khan Rushda Praveen, the 18-year-old who cracked NEET to get admission in MBBS and how she overcame all the obstacles in her life to make something good out of it. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu for more such inspirational stories and global educational updates.

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