College of Business, University of Cincinnati Offers Virtual Study Abroad Programs

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University of Cincinnati Offers Virtual Programs

The popular University of Cincinnati opens its tours for the international students through a virtual gateway for online learning. The College of Business, University of Cincinnati launches a virtual study abroad program for the upcoming semester. 

Lee Armstrong, the director of the Lindner College of Business has announced their partnership with business firms, alumni and non-profit organisations from across the globe to offer a virtual study program for its arriving spring semester 2020. The institution will be offering five courses through which the UC students will be able to get in touch with global business leaders as well as college students from countries like Spain, Colombia, South Africa, Germany and Scotland. 

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The university’s main aim behind the virtual study abroad courses is to impart students with the skills that are necessary with respect to the change that has occurred in businesses due to coronavirus. Lee further added, “Your life has changed as a student, but anyone who works in international business their life has changed as well. So, I think this is just learning some more of those virtual skills that will apply to any job.”

As stated by Armstrong, Lindner is currently the only college that is offering a virtual study abroad program. Due to preventive measures for coronavirus, the institution has cancelled the commencement of all the study abroad programs for the spring semester for national and international students. 

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More About the Virtual Study Abroad Program 

Mentioned by the Associate Vice Provost, Brian Smith in a university town hall in August; To familiarise the students with virtually increasing environment and to slow down the spread of infection approximately 75% of UC’s courses are now being taught remotely. For international students, the cost of these study abroad programs will remain the same as that of traditional ones. Also, as per the policies of the institution, only 20 students were a part of classroom study abroad programs but in the virtual programs, more students can be incorporated. 

It has been officially announced by the College of Business, once the candidates meet with the determined prerequisites, there is no requirement of any study abroad application as the teaching will be held completely online. Every course will have 3 credit hours on business majors, foreign language and culture course requirements.  

Concluding the event, Armstrong added, “This is giving you an opportunity to get to know people and work with people that are not in your country, and not from your culture.” Students belonging to upper level can become a part of courses for Germany, South Africa, Colombia and Spain whereas those of 1st and 2nd year can only enrol into Scotland courses. 

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