Best Sociology Books for Government Exams

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Sociology Books

Getting a government Job in India is a daunting task, which might take a lot of hard work and patience. Competitive examinations like UPSC which are considered the toughest exam in India as well as frequently counted as toughest examinations in the world. The main aim of these examinations is to have efficient administrators on board who could deliver transparency and accountability in the various departments of public services. While preparing for these highest-paying government jobs in India one needs to have a good hold of social science and general awareness. Sociology is a major part of the syllabus for such exams as well as an optional in the UPSC mains. In this blog, we will take a look at the best sociology books for government exams.

Important Sociology Books 

Here is a complete list of important sociology books that can not only help you crack the top-most prestigious government examinations but also give you a strong perspective on contemporary issues:

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Name of the BookAuthorsLinks
Sociology Anthony GiddensBuy Here!
Sociological TheoryGeorge RitzerBuy Here!
Sociology Haralambos & HolbornBuy Here!
Oxford Dictionary Of SociologyBuy Here!
Sociological Thought Francis Abraham and John Henry MorganBuy Here!
Political TheoryO P GaubaBuy Here!
Social Change in IndiaM N SrinivasBuy Here!
Caste Its Twentieth Century AvatarM N SrinivasBuy Here!
Handbook of Indian SociologyVeena DasBuy Here!
Indian Society and CultureNadeem HasnainBuy Here!
Modernization of Indian TraditionYogendra SinghBuy Here!
Persistence and Change in Tribal IndiaM.V. RaoBuy Here!
Rural SociologyDoshi and JainBuy Here!
Social Background of Indian NationalismA. R DesaiBuy Here!
SociologyHarlambos Blue BookBuy Here!
Sociology Test seriesPraveen Kishore Buy Here!

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Some of the popular books which intensively cover the sociology syllabus are given below:

  • Sociological Theory

Written by George Ritzer is considered one of the best sociology books which are filled with various ideologies of famous think-tankers like Karl Marx, Max Webber etc. the comprehensive overview of the major theorists and different schools of sociological thoughts is included in the book. Biographical sketches of theorists with historical and intellectual context are excellently included in the book.

  • Oxford Dictionary of Sociology

The Oxford Dictionary of Sociology is a one-stop source where you clear all your confusion and difficult terms in the book. You can try and understand the meaning of sociology terms through this dictionary and strengthen your basics. You can use these answers in your paper. Some of the words are keywords are written excellently. This sociology book contains more than 2,500 entries on terminology and methods. Also, concepts related to Psychology, Economics, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Political Science are included in this book. 

Let’s Find Out Scope of Sociology!

  • Indian Society and Culture

The book is written authored by famous sociologist, Nadeem Hussain which is the finest resource if you are preparing for government examinations. It meets all the requirements pertaining to UPSC CSE Mains General Studies Paper 1,  Indian Society-related topics and UPSC CSE Mains Essay Paper. This sociology book thoroughly explains the concepts of Village India, Urbanisation, as well as Globalisation Apart from that, Postmodernism and Multiculturalism. It is important to know that the concluding chapter of the book is  ‘Changing Indian Society’, where an array of current social issues like ‘honour killing’, ‘cyber crimes’, and ‘consumerism are included. 

  • Introduction to Political Theory

Written by O P Gauba, a noted sociologist, this sociology book covers a wide range of issues with a historical, sociological, economic, philosophical, and juristic perspective. Gandhism and Feminism; nature and different views of politics and approaches are included in the book. 

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Sociology Books For UPSC – NCERTs

Book Name
Introducing Sociology – A Textbook for Class XI
Understanding Society – A Textbook for Class XI
Social Change and Development in India – Textbook in Sociology for Class XII
Indian Society – Textbook in Sociology for Class XII


Which book to start sociology?

NCERTs are fantastic to start because they provide a solid foundation for completing advanced books for UPSC’s sociology optional.

Which book is best for NTA net sociology?

Sociological theory by Bert N. Adams.

Is Ncert required for sociology optional?

Preparation for the sociology optional should begin with a review of the basics from the NCERT books for 11th and 12th grades. One can write answers to the questions at the end of each chapter of the NCERT book in order to produce a thorough analysis of a specific topic or the basics of sociology.

Read voraciously, in order to crack government exams with flying colours. Make the most of top sociology books and get a comprehensive perspective on the development, structure, and functioning of human society. Hope now you know all about sociology books for government exams. If you plan to study sociology from abroad, book your free 30 minutes with the experts at Leverage Edu and take your academic career to new heights. 

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