Importance of SAT Score for Ivy League Universities

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SAT Score for Ivy League

If you are planning to study a bachelors course at the best universities in the world then Ivy League universities must be at the top of your checklist! Ivy League schools are the most selective around the world. Because of this, you have to carefully plan every aspect of your application so it is as strong as it can possibly be. To have greater chances of getting into an Ivy League college, you will have to make sure that your SAT scores are upto the mark. In this blog we will be explaining the importance of SAT scores for Ivy League universities!

Why Study at Ivy League Colleges?

How to Prepare for an Ivy League Admission?

First, create a list of Ivy League School’s SAT test score expectations, set your study goals accordingly and set up a study plan for yourself. Be determined towards conquering your goal and make that dream a reality. 

While you don’t need an exact 1600/1600 on the exam to gain admission, selected candidates tend to be in the top couple of percentiles. As per recent facts, there were nearly 10% of international students who were offered admissions across various undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Harvard in 2020. More than 40,000 students had submitted their applications for admission to the Ivy League out of which 2,015 were offered admissions. If you want to be a part of the 10% you will have to do some hard work. Also, what has considered a great SAT score depends almost entirely on the Ivy League School that you have applied to.

What’s a Great SAT Score for Ivy League Admission?

A SAT score of 1580 (out of 1600) will place you exactly in the top 25% of the applicants for most Ivy League Institutions, whereas a SAT score lower than 1450 would place you at bottom 25% of the total applicants. So your SAT scores are really important. Also, Ivy Leagues look for strong recommendations, extracurriculars, participation sports, and your GPA, which is classified into other factors. 

Average SAT Scores of Ivy League Schools

If you have serious goals of applying to Ivy League Schools, here’s the list of average scores to aim at, when taking the SAT preparation:

Ivy League Colleges Average SAT Scores THE World
QS World
Princeton University 1440-1570  9th 12th
Harvard University 1460-1570 3rd 3rd
Yale University 1460-1570 8th 17th
University of Pennsylvania 1450-1560 13th 16th
Columbia University 1450-1570 17th 19th
Cornell University 1400-1560 19th 18th
Brown University 1440-1550 61st 60th
Dartmouth College 1440-1560 =100 =203

Because of the highly competitive nature of Ivy League selections, you should also consider other better non-Ivy League institutions which are highly ranked colleges. It is very much possible that your dream school exists outside the boundaries of the Ivy League.

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Recent Update: Ivy Leagues Changing Admission Requirements During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, College Board and ACT testing agencies have cancelled and postponed multiple test dates in response to the outbreak, which led many universities to change test requirements for future candidates. All Ivy League schools are now test-optional for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. 

Hope this blog cleared the importance of SAT scores for Ivy League universities. We at Leverage Edu have an exclusive team for Ivy League experts who are just a call away. Get in touch to make your application exclusive!

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