How to Achieve 90 on PTE Academic Exam?

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Pearson Test of English which is also known as PTE is one of the common English proficiency tests taken by professionals and students who want to go abroad. The students who are going abroad on a study visa, or any other individual going for work, marriage or other purposes except for holidays have to take this English proficiency test which is a mandatory part if anyone is planning to go abroad. In this article, the candidates will get to know about how to achieve a 90 on PTE Academic Exam, Preparation tips, and important books regarding how to achieve a 90 on PTE Academic Exam, etc.

Exam NamePearson Test of English Academic
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Exam ModeOnline
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Exam Duration2 hours
Official Websitehttps://www.pearsonpte.com

How to Achieve 90 in PTE Academic Exam

Scoring 90 marks in PTE Academic Exam is not a tough task if you put efforts in the right direction. These Tips mentioned below will help you to know how to achieve 90 in PTE academic exam:

Start with Mock Test

No one likes to reappear in exams, again and again. In order to avoid this mistake candidates should start taking mock tests as mock tests are suitable for applying trial-and-error methods. By practicing mock tests students will get the confidence of clearing the PTE Academic Exam.

Read and Listen to English in Use

To achieve 90 marks in the PTE Academic Exam, candidates must focus on good material, magazines, books, informative tv channels, etc. This will help the candidates to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation, and helps in improving grammar, helps in getting used to learning the accent, and also helps in learning the native speaker’s accent.

Make a Word- List

The candidates need to make a habit of preparing word lists which will help them in writing tests in particular, in order to make their writing sound polished.

Record Yourself

While practicing for the speaking test, the candidate should have a habit of recording themselves. When you will listen to yourselves you will be able to identify the mistakes you made and will be able to correct them. Keep a check on the speed, problems with repetition, and lack of clarity.

Prepare Yourself for the Introduction

The PTE speaking exam starts with an introduction. It is not marked, it will be sent to the institutions you apply to but you have to make a good impression. While you are preparing the candidates should make a list of points that need to be covered and then practice introducing themselves. While introducing yourself keep track of the time limit and record yourself here as well.

Practice Making Notes

The art of making notes is essential for various tasks like writing an essay in a writing test and describing an image, summarizing a lecture etc. The notes should be short and should contain main keywords and phrases that contain essential information.

Pay Attention to the Exam Pattern and Exam Syllabus

Every exam has a pattern for instance the number of questions, topics and so on. The more you practice mock tests and previous year’s question papers it will be easier to master your test.

Get a Teacher/Trainer/Coach

The better way to score a perfect 90 is by taking the help of experts or teachers. The expert will help you to sharpen your skills, they will help you with plenty of opportunities to practice and also they will give you proper feedback.

Pay Attention to the Word Limit and Time Limit

For several tasks, there is a time limit in which you have to finish that task at that certain time. For example, in writing the test you have to write a minimum number of words if you will write less than the given word limit you will lose marks, and if you will exceed the word limit it will sound pointless.

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Best PTE Academic Exam Books: How to Achieve 90 in PTE Academic Exam

The PTE Academic Exam books will help the students to prepare for the exam and will also help them to clear the exam and to know the exam pattern as well. The best PTE Academic Exam books for students are mentioned below to know about how to achieve 90 in PTE academic exam:

PTE Academic Practice Test Plus – Volume 1

This book consists of the previous year’s questions and exams. This book consists of tips for papers. This book has a set of recorded speaking tests and writing tests.

PTE Academic Practice Test Plus- Volume 2

This book is the best for the listening and speaking part of the exam. This book gives access to CDs and Audio for listening and speaking exams. 

The Official Guide to PTE Academic

The Official Guide to PTE Academic is an overall complete guidebook for the PTE examination. This book consists of well-structured score keys, structured test papers, the format of scores and complete guidelines for the exam. This book also consists of written mock exams. The publisher of this book is the official Pearson PTE test body that conducts the exams.

PTE Academic Testbuilder

The PTE Academic Testbuilder is used by students who are going to appear in the exam as a practice sheet. This book has an amazing collection of mock tests and audio examinations of listening and speaking.

A Masterpiece of Essays 3

This book is referred to as the best book for the writing part of the PTE exam. This book is best for both students and professionals as it provides a complete guide for how to take the writing section in PTE Academic Examination.

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Start Your PTE Preparation With Leverage Edu and know how to Achieve 90 in PTE Academic Exam

We at Leverage Edu help students with preparing for their PTE Exams. Leverage Edu  offers students various offerings which are as follows:

Live Classes

 Live classes, help students in studying and preparing for the PTE exam and help them score 90 marks.

Personalized Doubt Solving Sessions

In Personalized Doubt Solving Sessions the teachers and coaches help students to clear their doubts regarding any subject, topic or doubt regarding the PTE Exam.

Study Plans and Prep Material

In this Leverage, Edu provides Study Plans and Prep Materials to the students which will help them to clear their doubts and exams.

Mock Tests

While studying with Leverage Edu candidates will get to give mock tests which will help them to achieve the perfect score of 90 in the PTE examination.

Get Access to Great Faculties

With Leverage Edu students will get an opportunity to study with great and amazing faculties which will help them to clear their doubts and help them in preparing for their PTE exam.


How to score a perfect 90 in PTE Academic Examination?

In PTE Academic Examination if a candidate wants to score a perfect 90 then he/ she has to practice a lot of Mock tests as many as possible and has to attend as many group sessions as possible. Scoring high in mock tests will help the candidate to score well in PTE Academic Examination.

How hard it is to get a 90 on PTE Academic exam?

With the right preparation, anyone can achieve a perfect  90 score on the PTE exam. It can be done with proper guidance, enough practice and regular learning.

What is the passing score of the PTE Academic Exam?

PTE scores range from 10 to 90, however, there are no passing marks for PET Exam. Candidates scoring anywhere between 65-75 are considered good PTE scores for admission to top universities.

The above article has covered the details about How to achieve a 90 in the PTE Academic Exam. In this article, the candidates will get to know the preparation tips on How to achieve a 90 in PTE Academic Exam, and books related to the exam. The article will help the candidates to know each and every tip about the exam and how to score a perfect 90 on the first attempt.

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