Effective Ways To Prepare For the PTE Exam: Section-Wise Tips and Exam Pattern

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Pearson Test of English is opted by the students willing to study abroad. It is the easiest exam one can give to get admission into their desired university abroad. 

Pearson Test of English is conducted for students who are willing to start their studies in countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. It is mainly conducted for students because English is the only primary source for communication abroad. The main aim is to check the proficiency of the students. Some amount of guidance for the examination is recommended. The best way to ace your preparation is to have a study material. Good study material with practice papers will help you score better. Read this blog to learn effective ways to prepare for the PTE exam.


PTE Exam Pattern

To score the best you must know the exam pattern. This will help you prepare well for the exam and also cover your syllabus section-wise. It is one of the simplest ways to start preparing for any exam. Divide the sections and prepare accordingly. The course will not look lengthy and hectic. The divided sections will make it look easier and also make you feel less burdened by the course. Here is an Exam Pattern table for your reference.

Subject Duration
Reading32-41 Minutes 
Listening45-47 Minutes
Speaking and Writing 77-83 Minutes 

PTE Section Wise Preparation Tips: Know Effective Ways To Prepare for The PTE Exam

As we saw above in the reference table the examination is divided into three sections that one needs to cover and explore. We have given a few tips for each section and you should follow them by heart if you want a high score in just one go. It will be a time-saving process for you.

PTE Reading Skills

Reading is one of the favourite hobbies one can inculcate within their everyday schedule. It will also increase your proficiency in vocabulary, and pronunciation and also help you discover new words. It will help you enhance your speaking skills as well. We suggest you start reading on an everyday basis. Books with any genre you admire. If you are not a fan of reading books then you can opt for magazines or newspapers. 

Reading skill is not just to make you score well in the PTE examination, you should keep it as a habit and take some time out for the same. This will help you expand your knowledge and ways of thinking! 

PTE Listening Skills

The best way to enhance your listening skills is to listen to audio and then summarize the PTE lectures in your own words. You should listen to the audio clips attentively and then jot down everything you listened to. Then again listen to the audio and check if you have missed out on anything. You should also concentrate on the tone and theme of the recordings. You can also watch videos on YouTube for example, TED talks and more similar content. 

Listening to motivational speakers is also a great choice to go with to improve your listening score. You will be motivated for your purpose and side-by-side PTE exam preparation should be your main concern. 

PTE Speaking and Writing 

Read everything aloud so that you can listen and understand. You can also record yourself while speaking and then write down the same. This is an easy practice. Rigorous implementation of speaking and writing needs a great amount of concentration. Try this when you are clear-headed. You can also start with an introduction speech. Prepare a written personal introduction in a few words and then speak the same. This will help you boost your confidence. While writing keep a tight check on your grammar, and use appropriate synonyms and words according to the tone of your intro speech. 

This is a great habit to enhance your concentration and mindfulness for any sort of activity in your everyday life and also very beneficial to score well in PTE Speaking and Writing Sections. 

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PTE Strategic Preparations: Know Effective Ways To Prepare for The PTE Exam

Following our preparation tips is a great way! But setting a few strategies for every section you wish to prepare must be your main concern. This strategy when implemented with your preparation pattern will give you results no less than magic!  And we wish the same for every student who wants to score well on their first attempt. Here are the lists of strategies for each section. They are just little points to keep in mind while preparing. Check out below the effective ways to prepare for the PTE exam.

Strategy for Reading

  • You should read every day on PTE Readings Tasks which will be available online.
  • While reading do not just concentrate on words, understand the meaning of the passage or article you are reading.
  • Try and understand the idea of the passage and then move forward while supporting its idea. 
  • Learn all the grammar rules.
  • Follow PTE tutorials and do the read-aloud practice.
  • While reading practises vocabulary-building tricks, pronunciation and new words.  

Strategy for Listening 

  • Always prioritize your theme and avoid the repetition of words. You can choose different synonyms.
  • You must have a good knowledge of synonyms and antonyms which you can implement while speaking. 
  • You can practice from all PTE Listening Modules. 
  • While listening to audio modules, listen till the end. Do not be in a hurry to understand and write whatever you have understood or heard. Listen till the audio is completed then you can continue with the writing section.  
  • You need to be alert while listening as well as accurate with words and their meanings. 

Strategy for Speaking 

  • While you appear for the PTE Speaking Test make sure that you are neither too slow nor too fast. 
  • Always think before you speak. 
  • Frame your sentences confidently and calmly before speaking.
  • You can also practise the PTE Speaking mock test. 
  • Avoid taking too much pause while speaking. 

Strategy for Writing 

  • We recommend you use proper rules of grammar. 
  • Use appropriate synonyms according to the tone of the article, essay or passage you are preparing.
  • The best way to make your writing effective is to plan your draft. Create a suitable structure and move forward with your writing. 
  • Always stick to the applicable word limit. This will make your writing more easily readable and attractive. 
  • Apply your critical thinking in the passage you are preparing. 
  • Keep it simple, and add an intro, main body and conclusion. 

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Where is the PTE examination conducted?

PTE Examination is conducted in various centres in India. You can choose according to your preferred location. You can easily apply online for registration. 

How many sections does the PTE Exam include? 

You have to solve three sections in total. They are PTE Reading, PTE Speaking and Writing, and PTE Listening. 

Which section is most difficult in the PTE Exam?

PTE Reading is the toughest section to solve. Make sure you practise thoroughly as this is the section where test takers lose most of the points. 

What is the PTE Exam and why is it conducted? 

Pearson’s Test of English is opted for by the students willing to study abroad. It is the easiest exam one can take to get admission into their desired university abroad. 

We hope these tips and strategies will help you discover more about yourself and also prepare you for PTE. Just follow all the strategies and make sure you prepare beforehand to score the best. You can find more information related to PTE on Leverage Live. You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for regular updates. 

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