50+ Topics for Psychology Projects

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Topics for Psychology Projects

Known as the study of behaviours, experiences, and mental processes in different contexts, Psychology is a broad and dynamic field that comprises numerous subfields like Counselling Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Social Psychology, and many more. These fields contribute uniquely and immensely to Psychology. And owing to the increasing interest of students in this field and higher emphasis on mental health, Psychology is witnessing tremendous growth these days and is bound to witness limitless growth in future. Many students take up Psychology as a subject at school and university level. Project work is an important part of the curriculum. If you are in a similar situation and looking for topics for Psychology projects then this blog is going to help you a lot!

Importance of Projects in Psychology

  • Projects play a crucial role as they provide much needed practical exposure which not only helps them complete their practicals in colleges but also help them gain relevant and useful insights into concepts they have learnt identifiable and experiential. 
  • Project ideas may be needed for conducting completely practical experiments. 
  • Projects may also be needed for research purposes that are theoretical in nature yet provides valuable learning and insights about the topic being chosen for the research. 
  • Also, it is rightly said that “well begun is half done” and it accurately fits in the given context as selecting the right topic gives clarity on the execution of further action plan and successful actions are preceded by crystal clear thinking.

Let’s explore some amazing topics for Psychology projects now! 

Here are some most popular topics for Psychology project that are explained briefly to help students understand important concepts of the subject: 

Serial Position Effect

To study the speed of retention and recall and primacy and recency effect in learning of meaningful and non-meaningful syllables.

Theory – Recency and Primary Effect
1. The primacy effect is the tendency to remember the information at the beginning of a body of information better than the information that follows.
2. The recency effect is the tendency to remember the information at the end of a body of information better than the information ahead of it.

Material Required
Pen, Paper, List A (List of meaningful words), List B( a list of non-meaningful words), Stopwatch, Graph paper

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Stroop Effect

To study the automaticity of attention using the Stroop task.

Stroop effect is a demonstration of interference in the reaction time of a task when the name of a colour is printed in a colour that is not denoted by the name, for example, the word red printed in blue ink instead of red. Naming the colour of the word takes a longer time and is more prone to error than when the colour of ink matches the colour name. This effect is named after John Stroop who first proposed this effect in 1935.

Material required
Paper, pen, laptop, list of stroops    

Organizational Behaviour

To understand various concepts of organizational behaviour such as risk-taking, goal setting and team building through a tower building activity.

Human resource management refers to a systematic branch of management that is concerned with managing people at work to give the best results to the organization. It is an application of management principles to the people working in the organization. It aims at improving the performance and productivity of the organization by finding out the effectiveness of its human capital. 

Material required
Wooden blocks/cubes, Scarf/handkerchief (for blindfolding), Pen and paper, timer

Trial and Error Learning

To demonstrate the learning of skill by trial and error approach.

Law of effect – Those actions tend to be repeated that is followed by a positive consequence and vice-versa.
Law of exercise – Those actions that are repeated frequently tend to get easily established and vice-versa.

Material required
Mirror drawing board, stopwatch, batteries, impulse counters, stylus

Role of Organization in Memory

To study the role of organization (formation of clusters) in memory.

The four basic learning processes are-

  • Habituation- A change in behaviour merely because of repeated exposure to a stimulus.
  • Classical conditioning- Association of a stimulus with another stimulus and thus developing a common response towards both of them.
  • Operant conditioning- Association of responses with specific consequences.
  • Observational learning- Imitating model’s behaviour

Material required
Laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint in it, Pen, Paper strips

Difference Between BA Psychology and BSc Psychology

Role of Emotional Words in Learning

To compare the pace of learning of emotional and neutral words. 

Emotions play a crucial role in facilitating the learning process and arouse certain parts of the brain when it comes to the influence of emotions on learning. 

Material required
List of 10 emotional words, List of 10 neutral wordsDifference Between BA Psychology and BSc PsychologyAim 
To compare the pace of learning of emotional and neutral words. 

Emotions play a crucial role in facilitating the learning process and arouse certain parts of the brain when it comes to the influence of emotions on learning. 

Material required
List of 10 emotional words, List of 10 neutral words

50 Topics for Psychology Project 

  1. Leadership
  2. Perception
  3. Causes and effects of sleep paralysis
  4. Impact of yoga on mental health
  5. Effect of parental conflicts on children
  6. Prejudice
  7. Gender roles in Society
  8. Ways to enhance performance
  9. Performance anxiety
  10. Examination anxiety
  11. Social anxiety
  12. Depression
  13. Causes of bullying among adolescents
  14. Prosocial behaviour
  15. Effect of action movies on adults
  16. Parenting styles
  17. Psychology based movies
  18. Psychology based books
  19. Role of media in increasing violence and aggression
  20. Impact of video games on child’s mental health
  21. Loneliness
  22. Causes behind teenage Suicides
  23. Romantic relationships and stress
  24. Causes of PTSD
  25. effect of meditation on health
  26. Insomnia
  27. Treatment of psychological disorders
  28. Factors contributing to mental wellness
  29. Impact of physical fitness on mental health
  30. Antisocial behaviour among teenagers
  31. Academic performance of children
  32. Autism spectrum disorder
  33. Persuasion
  34. Non-verbal communication
  35. Marketing psychology
  36. Sportsman attitude
  37. Phobias
  38. Borderline personality disorders
  39. Dreams
  40. False memories
  41. Critical thinking
  42. Problem solving
  43. Judgement
  44. Learning disabilities
  45. Ageing process
  46. Existential crisis
  47. Peer group and its impact
  48. Socialization
  49. Child abuse
  50. Motivation and ways to sustain it

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Were you able to pick one of these topics for Psychology projects? Let us know in the comment section below! We covered a spectrum of concepts in psychology and indeed had something for every psychology enthusiast. If you are interested to know more about this field and how to make a global career in Psychology, then reach out to experts at Leverage Edu!

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