How to Crack a Telephonic Interview?

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Telephonic Interview

In this fast-paced world where technology has taken its throne, the employment sector now makes use of a plethora of innovative techniques when it comes to hunting for the perfect candidate. Moving away from the conventional means of talent acquisition, network-facilitated telephonic & video interview have taken hiring a step further. These modern means of interviewing ensure that no talent and skill goes unnoticed regardless of geographical boundaries. Owing to this, people have now started bagging their dream jobs in their companies of choice. However, like a usual face-to-face interview, telephonic interviewing too is not that easy as it seems. If the date of your telephonic interview is around the corner then this article is just for you. Read on to know some effective tips and tricks on how to crack your interview like a pro.

Tips and Tricks on How to Crack a Telephonic Interview Like a Pro

Here are some of the vital tips and tricks you should keep in mind to crack your telephonic interview:

Fix a Convenient Time For The Interview

After you receive a call from the HR manager regarding the telephonic interview, mutually decide upon the convenient time and day which would be easy for both parties. Let the hiring party pick out the date and time first. In case you have other commitments on that chosen day, politely ask them to change the interview time and suggest your pick. If they are fine with it, they would agree heartily.

Do Your Homework Thoroughly

It is essential for you to research everything about your potential employer. Visit their official websites, click on every tab and every link to get the hang of all their products and services, marketing strategies, policies tackling the market slump, the key people working with the establishment and everything that they have to offer. Researching not only gives you a clear idea about the type of company you are going to enter but it also showcases how much you want the job. 

Ensure There Are No Technical Glitches

Always make sure that there are no network and technical glitches before and during your telephone interview that could severely hamper the interview process. Be in an area of the house you know is not prone to network issues. Not only does it impede the connectivity but it creates a bad impression before the interviewers. In case you doubt the network connectivity at your chosen place, move to another spot where you would face no technical glitches. 

Keep All Your Documents Ready

Before you start with your telephonic interview, always keep aside a hard copy of your CV along with a notepad and pen. The interviewer should ask some specific questions related to your CV, so it is easy to refer to your document before you launch an answer. Also, note down the name of your interviewer and jot down some key questions that you might want to ask them after the interview ends. 

Cheat Tip: Keep some predicted questions and their answers written on a piece of paper handy. However, remember to write the answers clearly as you will be answering under pressure so that you do not take time decoding what you have written. Also, you should be able to derive the answers according to the questions asked, therefore do not rely heavily on the cheat sheet.

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Be In a Positive State of Mind 

Upon the commencement of the interview, stay positive throughout even if you are unsure of your answers. Though the interviewer cannot see you yet they very well sense your mood and whether you are honest about it or not. Before the telephonic interview starts, try keeping all the negativity at bay and keep a happy and enthusiastic mood. 

Choose A Place With No Distractions

Subsequent to ensuring a perfect network and cellular connectivity, a perfect spot for the conduction of the telephonic interview is the next most important aspect. A quiet, peaceful and a well-lit environment would do wonders for your interview whereas a loud and noisy area will disrupt the communication and may lessen your chances of getting hired, even if you are brilliant in your subject matter.  

Sound Confident and Professional

The interviewers may not be able to see you during the interview but voice conveys everything about your personality. Stay humble and speak in a professional manner so as to match the tone and pitch of the voice of the interviewer. Also, avoid fumbling and stay confident.

Ask Follow-up Questions To Show Interest 

At the end of telephonic interview ends, the interviewer would typically ask if you have any queries regarding anything. Ask insightful and rational questions and not just for the sake of it. Question them about the day-to-day operations or what strategies does the company use to beat the market slump or any such questions regarding the job role. 

Bonus Tip: After the telephonic interview, never ask the interviewers about the salary part. At the moment they are on a stage to examine your knowledge and personality. The salary can be discussed during the later stages of the hiring process. Till then, just calm down.

Thank Them and Let Them Hang Up First

Upon the successful completion of the telephonic interview process, thank them politely for their time and opportunity, and wait for the other party to hang up. Also, let them know that you are hoping to hear from you soon. 

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