Kickstart your UG Study Abroad Degree Online with UniSmarter

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Kickstart your UG Study Abroad Degree Online with UniSmarter

Tiling the way to your dream university abroad is now as simple as opening your laptops! The UniSmarter online program is the best commencement to top-tier UG degrees around the world. The platform brings you a virtual experience of the actual world of the institution from where you wish to acquire your higher education.

Let’s take a look at why UniSmarter is the most suitable option for students willing to pursue their education abroad:

Affordable value
By starting your course with UniSmarter, you can save up to 65% of your expenses which would have been incurred for lodging, living, travel, etc. Earn credits online for your UG degree abroad.

Entrance to multiple global Universities
UniSmarter Online Programs are developed in collaboration with top universities around the globe. UniSmarter Modules are acknowledged for admission with advanced standing at top UG programs on an international level.

Utilize your time fruitfully
Each module offered by UniSmarter takes around 7 weeks, which suggests you can complete them while you prepare to go overseas. Join UniSmarter now and make the most out of this pandemic.

Tailored for student accomplishment
UniSmarter’s flexible online program offers live sessions and personal tutors for students, which has a 90% demonstrated success rate. You can call, text, mail, or chat with your tutors, regarding your queries, all 7 days of the week.

Preparations for education abroad
UniSmarter helps students to know about their universities through virtual campus tours, ‘lecture in fields’, and Facebook live sessions.

Real-world education experience
UniSmarter assigns peer and group assignments to assist students to experience their future roles and build peer connections online.

Kickstart your UG study abroad degree online with UniSmarter. You can avail instant 10% discount on purchasing UniSmarter’s 4 module pack. Additionally, receive 5,000 INR off on registering before 8th August 2020. Don’t miss out on your chance and start immediately with UniSmarter! For further queries, contact Leverage Edu.

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