The University of Auckland Launches Micro-Internship Program

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Micro-Internship Program by University of Auckland

The University of Auckland, New Zealand launched a micro-internship program for international students aiming for a global internship during the present pandemic scenario. This Micro-Internship Program by University of Auckland is a three-week training which requires about 20 hours of work per week. Let’s get to know more about this internship program and what it entails!

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About the Micro-Internship Program by University of Auckland

The micro-internship program by University of Auckland will be conducted virtually and will expand to 500 students during two new phases of the program. The interns will work in small teams to address a commercial challenge for an employer-based in Auckland. The program includes an online orientation and information session to get to know the team and the project.

As a great initiative brought forward during the COVID-19 pandemic which has thwarted the full-time internship plans of many, this micro-internship pilot program for 100 students at companies in Auckland, including KPMG and Deloitte, among others, during this year’s semi-annual break. Once the pilot has been well received, it is offered to foreign students. It is currently offered in partnership with Global Talent Solutions and the internship will be expanded to 500 students over two additional sessions of the program. The first round started on November 23, and the second round will take place in February 2021, the university informed.

The university claims in an official statement that they aim to support students in developing their employability skills which will initiative will help students gain real-world industry experience with leading New Zealand organisations.

Brett Berquist, the International Director of the University of Auckland, said that this program is just one of many approaches we have taken to support our international students affected by COVID-19. Most importantly, it offers a way for those who are still outside of New Zealand to stay connected with their peers here in Auckland and contribute to the city’s economic recovery. 

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Thus, this Micro-Internship Program by University of Auckland is surely an amazing initiative to help students get global exposure virtually! Stay tuned with Leverage Edu for more such latest news and updates from the global educational sphere!

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